Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 14, 2011

Muslim Link: MD CAN speakers are “Islamophobes”

Get used to it folks, if you question any aspect of POLITICAL Islam you will be labeled an “Islamophobe.”  Ignore it, it’s all about shutting you up!

Here is a report from the Muslim Link about the Maryland Conservative Action Network Conference held in Annapolis on October 29th.  (Hat tip: Cathy)

Reporter Syed Junaid Hassan begins with this:

To Muslims, the term ‘Shariah’ is synonymous with ‘Islamic way of life’, and provides a methodology to develop peaceful, balanced individuals and communities.

But for an increasingly vocal segment of politically conservative Americans, “shariah” is an existential threat to the nation.

On a cold and rainy October 29, 2011, the Maryland Conservative Action Network (MDCAN) held an event in Annapolis called “Turning the Tides 2011” which featured a discussion titled “Is Shariah Law Coming to Maryland?”

The conference advertised ten scheduled sessions, including “the Threat to Property Rights”, “How to Talk to a Liberal”, and “Will Maryland Have a Wisconsin Moment?”

The session on shariah law was the first segment and featured prominent Islamophobes including Fred Grandy, a former Iowa congressman and TV actor on the 1980s sitcom “Loveboat”.

Topics of discussion regarding the subject included potential problems arising from the introduction of Shariah into American secular law, cases involving judicial use of ‘Shariah’ as a code of law in US courts, and how major Islamic councils were extensions of foreign ‘Islamist’ groups operating under the guise of being ‘legitimate social and religious organizations’ in America.

For some reason the presence of former Congressman Fred Grandy drives them crazy.

Fred Grandy said the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been taken over by the radical Muslim Brotherhood, that “the Occupy Wall Street is fully supported by CAIR,” and that civil liberties groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU are all backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, according to the Capital report.

There was no “taken over,” CAIR has always been a front for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Protesters outside included Muslims from the local Islamic Society of Annapolis and those peace-loving anti-Israel political activist Quakers.  I know readers, it is hard to wrap one’s mind around the fact that Quakers were behind the formation of CASA de Maryland and even supported that violent Gaza Flotilla political stunt.*  But, here they are proclaiming “peace.”

Meanwhile outside the Doubletree Hotel where the event took place, about a dozen local Muslim and civil rights activsts weathered the rain to protest what they understood to be anti-Muslim sentiment being legitimized through ‘Shariah fear mongering’. Some protesters called attention to derogatory comments some MDCAN event speakers had publicly made against Muslims, while others called for peace, decrying ‘right-wing rhetoric’ as unproductive to solving America’s problems.

I laughed when I saw this paragraph of Hassan’s report.  Nothing to do with Shariah law! It’s all about Obama being a black man!

According to a protest organizer, “Anti-black racism is no longer acceptable in public; you’ll be kicked out of polite society, but it’s still ok to be anti-Muslim. So people who can’t publicly speak their dislike for [Obama] because of his being black, have made this rhetoric a proxy for the real issue of disliking the idea of a ‘black’ President.”

Ho hum!  Meanwhile, inside the ballroom at the DoubleTree hotel, MD CAN attendees voted by an overwhelming margin in a straw poll to pick who? for the next President of the United States—Herman Cain, a black man.

I had to laugh too because reporter Hassan was offered an incredible opportunity to interview and quote none other than Ken Timmerman, author, moderator of the Shariah panel and renowned expert on the Jihadi threat and blew it.  Hassan and Timmerman talked at length in the foyer of the hotel and apparently Hassan took no notes, thus missing a great opportunity for a youthful reporter to quote a leading critic of Shariah law.   But, then again, this omission from Hassan’s article allowed him to imply he had no access to the participants.

This is not the first time the Muslim Link has come to our attention!

Back in March we quoted from an article at the ML where the chairman of Governor O’Malley’s Commission on Middle Eastern Affairs, Anwer Hasan, said he supported Arabic being taught in Maryland ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS (at taxpayers expense) so that “Muslim children would better understand their religion.”

But there is no Shariah creeping in, no siree!

* I can’t mention the Gaza Flotilla without revisiting the brilliant Caroline Glick and friends here spoofing the “peaceful” Hamas.  If you have never watched, “We con the world,” watch it now!



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