Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 11, 2011

Obama loses his “body man?”

Is it a sign that they are leaving a sinking ship?  Or something else?

This is a very strange story and strange situation.  Did you know that Barack Obama has had a “body man” for years? [I bet readers are laughing and wondering where I have been not knowing this about Obama!].  I can only assume a body man is the modern day incarnation of a manservant of English royals (from centuries past).

Former Duke University basketball star Reggie Love has been Obama’s constant companion since his Senate days.  Did you know that?  He is not a trained secret service agent so we surely can’t call him a body guard, but whatever he does he is with Barack from early in the morning (when Barack, we are told, is comfortable enough to floss his teeth in front of him)! and travels with him wherever he goes.

Come to think of it, maybe that is why Michelle is in a sour mood—just saying!

Does anyone know how many other modern Presidents have had body men?  Presumably the taxpayers have been picking up Love’s salary.

Because I have no time today, I’m going to have to leave it to readers to look into this further, start reading here and here.

Reggie Love is leaving the White House from Reuters:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Reggie Love, President Barack Obama’s basketball-playing personal assistant and travel companion, is leaving the White House at the end of this year to finish a graduate degree in business.

Love, a towering former college basketball star at Duke University, has been a constant presence in Obama’s orbit for years, including his time as a presidential candidate and at the White House.

Constantly at the president’s side, Love is often referred to as his “body man.”

I’ve read many books on Barack Obama including the detailed book by Christopher Anderson,“Barack and Michelle–Portrait of an American Marriage,” and not one of those books mentions Barack’s “body men” (there was another “body man” before Love I learned last night).  The name Reggie Love doesn’t even appear in “Barack and Michelle,” a book which, by the way, the White House was not happy about—really the portrait is quite unflattering (I wrote about it here last month).  In it we learn that Michelle was never happy with Barack’s political ambition and she had to be cajoled along by the likes of David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett

…Purely speculation on my part, but am wondering if those two are working overtime to keep Michelle on board now.  Maybe the deal is to get the third wheel out of the marriage and out of the bathroom?

An afterthought—Cathy wondered if part of his job was to keep that nice crease in Obama’s pants, you know, the one that David Brooks admired so much!  Who will do that job now?



  1. I saw an article headline today in either HuffPo or the Washington Post, I do not recall which, that someone was leaving. I didn’t, in all honesty, read the article because I think as time wears on and his “people” realize that he is not going to be re-elected that they are all going to flee. One by one they will head for the hills.

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