Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 9, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood infiltrates the GOP

That is the provocative title of an interview published yesterday at Frontpage magazine.

Paul Sperry, a co-author of the book I mentioned the other day, here (Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America) talks with Jamie Glazov of Frontpage about Grover Norquist, Suhail Khan and Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the US.

Before I give you a few quotes from the interview, some background on the book (that has a long section on the mosque in Hagerstown, MD!) is needed.   Chris Gaubatz, son of the author Dave Gaubatz with Sperry as co-author, volunteered for an internship at the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).  During the course of his internship he walked out with documents from which the book is derived.  CAIR sued Gaubatz et al, not for defaming them (they didn’t quibble over the facts), but for trespassing and stealing their docs.  Subsequently the FBI seized all the documents.  This interview addresses the case.

Part of me doesn’t even want to be writing about this AGAIN!  (See my extensive Grover Norquist archive, here). Every day I see 6, 8, 10 articles in the mainstream media about Norquist and his taxpayer protection pledge and how he is the Republican puppet master, yada, yada, yada….and virtually no one in the media says boo! about Norquist’s other life (except for the recent little flurry of news about Rep. Frank Wolf, here).

Over several years, activists in the anti-jihad movement have published articles like this one at Frontpage and the elephant in the living room keeps on going—heck, Del. Mike Smigiel used Norquist as the headliner at a recent Tea Party rally in Annapolis.  Don’t these guys read?   And, by the way, if Norquist were completely innocent of the charges here, don’t you think he would be suing somebody for defamation?

Anyway, here are some snippets from the interview, but please read the whole thing here.

On Norquist:

Sperry: Let me start with some background regarding Norquist. Though he’s known as the Beltway’s top antitax lobbyist, he’s also a paid lobbyist for enemies of the United States.

Sperry on Suhail Khan:

Sperry: Alamoudi [read all about him earlier in the interview—ed] sponsored Khan — Khan being the eldest son of one of the founding fathers of the Brotherhood in America. Norquist got Khan into the Bush White House as the gatekeeper for Muslims, whereupon he got al-Arian and other senior Brotherhood figures past security.

Norquist’s M.O.:

Sperry: What Norquist does, and this is truly sinister business, is dress up Brotherhood agents who underwrite him as patriotic conservatives in order to give them political cover and gain the trust of the GOP establishment. Then with the backing of duped party leaders secured, he promotes these neo-Islamists to positions of power inside government.

His latest project is Imad “David” Ramadan.

Readers should know that Norquist protege Ramadan barely won his election in Virginia yesterday—even with the outspoken support of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.   Ramadan lost in conservative Loudon County but picked up enough votes in other parts of the district to win by 50 votes.  Apparently the Loudon County folks had been properly forewarned about Ramadan.  Read all about it here at Blue Ridge Forum.

Sperry’s warning on Norquist (emphasis mine):

FP: How dangerous is Grover Norquist​?

Sperry: Very dangerous. Here you have a “conservative” who built the Trojan Horse that the enemy is using to infiltrate, sabotage and destroy the U.S. from within. Norquist is helping the U.S. Brotherhood accomplish the “Grand Jihad” spelled out in its founding archives. In fact, he’s helping pull them through the gates. I think it’s fairly plain now that he knows he’s undermining U.S. security, and that he’s doing so in a time of war.

FP: So why is he still accepted in conservative circles?

Sperry: Some Republican leaders are starting to speak out publicly against him, lawmakers like Coburn and Wolf (although Wolf endorsed his protégé Ramadan after Ramadan gave him $4,700 in campaign cash). But others still see him as just a small-government libertarian who wants to widen the GOP tent. Make no mistake: Norquist is not some random deficit hawk eyeing the bloated defense budget for cuts. Nor is he some innocuous misguided Ron Paul​ dove. He’s something far different, far more pernicious. He’s virulently anti-military, anti-borders, anti-security. He’s a saboteur aiding and abetting groups hostile to U.S. interests. And now that he’s married to a Muslim, I doubt money is the only motivating factor behind his decidedly anti-American behavior.

If by now Republicans can’t smell a rat — a Pied Piper​ of rats, no less — they have failed miserably in their constitutional duty to “defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.” If the Republican Party can’t stop an Islamist Fifth Column within its own ranks, my word, we’re all doomed.

Strong words indeed, but people don’t make allegations like this, putting their lives and their reputations on the line, without facts.  If you are reading this and doubt what Sperry is saying, then join the chorus asking for a mainstream media investigation (or better still a government investigation) of Norquist and his associates.

By the way, I see that Norquist’s old friend Jack Abramoff is out of the slammer and selling a book. Maybe Jack might be a good place to pick up on an investigation of Norquist that some say was mysteriously shelved a few years ago.


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