Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 7, 2011

See Joey “the silencer” Sandler up close and personal in Baltimore on Wednesday

Maryland Juice is reporting that DC hot shot progressive lawyer, Joseph E. Sandler (CASA de Maryland’s wealthy lead attorney) will be telling an audience in Baltimore on Wednesday evening why middle class taxpayers in Maryland need to not be so greedy and bigoted and pony-up to subsidize the college educations of illegal aliens.

Read all about the “forum” of PROGRESSIVE (ie Socialist) lawyers on the instate tuition for illegal aliens referendum, here at Maryland Juice!

Before you go to the “forum,” you might want to read up on Sandler and learn why I call him “the silencer.”  (From a post in June here at PTPR):

~Joseph E. Sandler was the general counsel for the Democratic National Committee until 2008 or 2009 and does work for, here.

~Joseph E. Sandler threatened to sue Fox News in order to silence Glenn Beck, here, and here.  (Sandler represents Van Jones! and Big Government calls Sandler, “Van Jones mouthpiece” here)

~Joseph E. Sandler threatened an organization that Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch planned to speak to in order to silence him and keep him from discussing the Muslim advocacy group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), here and here.    Here Spencer suggests Sandler isn’t much for free speech. (LOL! We are starting to come to the same conclusion!)

~Joseph E. Sandler represented CAIR Maryland, here (posted on it here).

~Joseph E. Sandler threatened to silence Free Republic and X-M Radio, here.

The attorney who sent the letter on behalf of the DNC is attorney Joseph Sandler, representing the Democratic National Committee. In my view, Sandler is a thug representing a bunch of reprobates and bullies

~Joseph E. Sandler represented Barack Obama in a birth certificate case, here.

~Joseph E. Sandler is fighting across the country to stop any state efforts to get photo ID for voters, here.

~Joseph E. Sandler set up front groups to defeat the Tea Party, here.

Another Washington labor lawyer, Joseph Sandler, who is described as a “renowned expert on election law,” has created a crow’s nest of front groups whose goal is to undermine the Tea Party movement. These groups have funneled vast amounts of union dues money, including $10 million from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), into fronts with innocuous names such as “Patriot Majority” and “Citizens for Progress.”

~Joseph E. Sandler is General Counsel to newly formed Democracy Partners, a “consultant” group that includes the likes of Socialist community organizer Heather Booth, here.

~Joseph E. Sandler is an expert in the referendum process having submitted a friend of the court brief in the Supreme Court case involving a gay marriage referendum last year, here.   Readers may recall that the petitioners personal information was posted on the internet for the world to see, and Sandler thought that was just fine by him and his fellow Democrats.  (But God forbid we would require photo IDs to vote—that is invading privacy!)

The so-called Dream Act referendum is a big deal for Leftists (for Gustavo Torres, for Sandler,  for O’Malley, and for Obama).   And, they are working hard to defeat Maryland taxpayers in court because they know if a vote is allowed to go forward, there is a very good chance that BLUE Maryland will vote NO!  Through the courts they know they can silence voters’ voices!



  1. […] of their students and are surely, every one of them! charging in-state tuition as I write this.   CASA de Maryland, Sandler, and with Perez surely cheering them on are only attempting to codify and make lawful in-state […]

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