Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 7, 2011

Roanoke Tea Party cites PlanMaryland as culmination of Agenda 21

….and you have only two days left to tell Governor Martin O’Malley “NO!”

Here is Roanoke (Virginia) Tea Party’s President Chip Tarbutton invoking the specter of PlanMaryland:

I have been called a lot of names by members of the local media for continuing to help with the fight against ICLEI and Agenda 21. A local political figure told me at one point something like this….

Well I see your point, but you are making too big a deal of this stuff.

If you want to see why we keep beating the drum on this issue, see the finished product of what Agenda 21 looks like here.

Plan Maryland.

For those not familiar with ICLEI, you can click here for more information, but the basis of this is simple. Proponents of Agenda 21 wish to “encourage” people to live in clustered developments and “discourage” people from living in rural areas. This will reduce the amount of driving and living going on that contributes to non-existent man-made global warming.

Read it all.

That’s what they are saying in Virginia.  Meanwhile, back in Maryland….

….. State Planners are scurrying around the state trying to convince community leaders that the plan is nothing more than an umbrella with no teeth.

Here is a story (hat tip: Annie) from Cambridge, MD  (PlanMaryland puts land use under one umbrella) yesterday where O’Malley’s men were attempting to convince the Maryland Municipal League that the whole initiative is benign and will not usurp local planning and zoning.

From the Eastern Shore’s StarDem (unfortunately this is a subscription publication) but here are some highlights:

CAMBRIDGE In a panel discussion held Tuesday at the Hyatt in Cambridge, municipal leaders from across Maryland were told the state is not using a new initiative called PlanMaryland to usurp local land use authority.

The discussion on PlanMaryland was held by the Maryland Municipal League, an organization representing towns in state politics, and featured state Secretary of Planning Richard Hall and Vienna Mayor Russell Brinsfield.

All of the speakers said PlanMaryland is simply an initiative to bring the state’s various land use strategies, initiatives and programs under one umbrella. They said it will have no effect on local planning and zoning authority.

Obviously they presented only speakers who agreed with the governor.  But, here is my question—if there are no teeth in this thing, then all the state needs to do is write a little recommended planning guide of stuff the statists think would be oh-so-cool to have and leave it at that—simply as an educational document.

Common sense tells us that there are teeth in the so-called umbrella.

Then check out the wording here:

Hall said he understands the fears some local officials have about the potential for PlanMaryland to include unfunded mandates and to override local zoning regulations. He said such concerns frequently are called in to the Maryland Department of Planning, but never actually have come true.   [YET!!!! because they haven’t gotten the plan through yet after decades of trying!–ed]

O’Malley plans to put it through now without the Maryland Legislature weighing in:

State Sen. Richard Colburn, R-37-Mid-Shore, attended the discussion and questioned Hall about whether or not PlanMaryland would get a hearing in front of a state Senate committee before being submitted to the governor for approval. Hall said the plan remains set to go before the governor at the end of the month.

You need to act today and tomorrow!

Comments on PlanMaryland close on Wednesday, November 9th, go here for all the numbers you should call today and tomorrow!   O’Malley’s plan is to implement PlanMaryland this month!

For more background on PlanMaryland, go here.

Endnote:  Potomac Tea Party Report is now on facebook—please look for it and “like” it!


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