Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 7, 2011

CASA de Maryland benefits from the ACORN “economic terrorism” model

It’s called double-teaming in sports, here it is “economic terrorism!”  As Occupy Wall Street Leftists and kindred spirits to groups such as the socialist-led CASA de Maryland whack the big banks, the big banks disgorge big bucks to Leftwing groups, to what?—stave off more attacks?

Remember that was the ACORN model —- by bullying banks into giving loans to people who couldn’t afford them in the first place, they were successful in crashing the economy.  Wade Rathke and SEIU (both “friends” of Gustavo Torres at CASA de Maryland) are all linked into the Alinsky strategy.*

Imagine my surprise to see news this past week that two big banks were disgorging funds (or have disgorged funds) to CASA de Maryland—protection money perhaps?

We learned that CITIGroup was helping give loans to “legal” immigrants through CASA to help them pay the fee for a citizenship application (gotta get the voters legalized!), here and here.

And, now here is Bank of America bragging about partnering with CASA de Maryland in funding its Langley Park Palace:

Bank of America identified $6 million in tax credits and provided a bridge loan for an additional $4.5 million. “It was just unbelievable,” remarked Torres. In addition to the funding, the Bank offered financial literacy services for people who receive services from CASA and worked with Torres to put together partnerships to solve the cost of becoming a citizen.

Every year, CASA helps place 18,000 jobs in the DC-community. [Don’t we have Americans looking for jobs in Maryland?—ed].  This ultimately helps the community by finding more competitive, better-trained workers for employers. CASA not only helps immigrants get a job, but also helps them integrate into American society.

Together, Bank of America and CASA are providing opportunities for immigrants to make positive, worthwhile contributions to their communities. In turn, this builds a strong society and a better country.

Maybe we have more in common with those OWSers (closing their accounts at Bank of America) than we thought!  Of course, you do have to wonder if they could go too far and kill the goose laying their golden eggs!

Update:  ACORN behind OWS — who would have guessed!

*If you have not read, ‘CASA de Maryland, the Illegals’ ACORN’ by Jim Simpson, you must!


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