Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 5, 2011

Protect your property rights! Tell O’Malley NO on PlanMaryland!

Only a few days left!  This is an action alert being distributed throughout Maryland, take a few minutes and contact the officials listed below and forward this Alert to everyone you know!  (See PTPR post earlier this week for more background information).

Comments close by November 9th—this coming Wednesday!

Citizens’ Call to Action

The Maryland Department of Planning is preparing to submit a draft of its PlanMaryland document to the Governor for signature.

The Plan incorporates flawed premises as a basis for policies that are not in the best interests of our citizens:

* Cars detract from the wealth of Maryland
* Mass Transit is better than cars
* Compact urban communities are better than rural communities
* Reduced driving will significantly impact global warming
* Suburban and rural communities are unsustainable
* PlanMaryland threatens your property rights


— Call Governor O’Malley’s Office: (800) 811-8336 (Tell him to Stop PlanMaryland)
— Call Delegate Maggie McIntosh: 410-841-3990 (Tell her to Kill the Septic Bill)
— Call Planning Secretary Richard Hall: (877) 767-6272 (Tell him to Stop PlanMaryland)
— Call your State Senators and Delegates: (410)841-3000 (Tell them to Stop PlanMaryland)




  1. […] on PlanMaryland close on Wednesday, November 9th, go here for all the numbers you should call today and tomorrow!   O’Malley’s plan is to […]

  2. […] Another batch of e-mails has been released by a source close to the “scientific” community of global warming pushers.  And, think about it, it’s the global warming gang and their work ‘supposedly’ underpinning O’Malley’s plan to take your property rights through implementation of PlanMaryland. […]

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