Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 5, 2011

Cain at AFP convention: “I am the Koch brothers’ brother from another mother!”

Readers are likely aware that Americans for Prosperity is in the midst of a big shindig in DC right now.   Yesterday the audience was treated to back-to-back speeches from the two leading front runners in the Republican primary field—Mitt Romney and Herman Cain.

Here is a story from Molly Ball writing at The Atlantic.  Other than the fact that it’s snarky and she quotes that creep Dave Weigel, she does highlight one of Cain’s strong points (and one of my reasons for liking Cain)—he is joyful.  After years of dour sour Barack and Michelle, I think the country is most in need of someone with a cheerful and optimistic view of America.


Mitt Romney and Herman Cain both spoke at Friday afternoon’s Americans for Prosperity conference in Washington. They were very different speeches.

Sober, detailed and rather joyless, Romney rolled out a new policy platform, a point-by-point set of proposals to cut federal spending (but not defense), balance the budget and reform entitlements. He read it from a TelePrompter and got a lukewarm reception from the audience of about 1,200 fiscal conservatives.

The first thing Cain did, upon taking the stage, was ridicule the TelePrompters. “Before I get started, I want to know whose TelePrompters these are,” he riffed, “because I don’t need ’em! Think they’re for somebody else.”

Especially in these days of ever-deepening scandal, it’s always worth sitting through one of Cain’s speeches, because there’s a section in the middle where he invariably discusses the nasty things people are saying about him that day. Or pretends to — he generally caricatures his opponents’ argument in a way that makes it seem like he’s answered his critics when he’s only misrepresented them.

On Friday, he didn’t disappoint. “You know, I’ve been in Washington all week. I’ve attracted some attention,” he said with a sly grin.

But instead of bringing up the sexual harassment allegations that continue to dog him, Cain took aim at a New York Times report on his ties to the Koch brothers, the billionaires behind Americans for Prosperity.

“I’m proud to know the Koch brothers!” Cain thundered. “This may be a breaking news announcement for the media: I am the Koch brothers’ brother from another mother!” The crowd roared.

Readers, just as many Leftwing groups are funded by George Soros (and his sons) it is true that Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is funded (to what degree, I don’t know) by the Leftists’ bogeymen—the Koch brothers.   If you watch MSNBC for only a few minutes you will see what I mean (and yes, do it, it’s a good exercise to watch MSNBC from time to time).  They can’t stop talking about the Koch brothers.

Many Tea Party grassroots folks support AFP (as they should) on fiscal issues, but they will not be there to help those of us concerned with immigration issues, national security, or the social issues that motivate many Tea Partiers.



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