Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 4, 2011

Saqib Ali leads to a tangled web involving CAIR’s political agenda

CAIR of course is the Council on American Islamic Relations (unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial).

What I’m going to do in this post is direct you to various links about former Del. Saqib Ali, Shama Farooq, Joseph Sandler, CAIR-MD, the Hagerstown Mosque, Ali Nawaz Memon, Yayha Hendi, and others, and recommend you follow those links and draw your own conclusions.

First, former Del. Saqib Ali helped direct our attention to this network by his ham-fisted attempt in August to persuade the Montgomery County Republicans to dis-invite former WMAL radio personality and former Congressman Fred Grandy and his wife Catherine Mann-Grandy from a speaking engagement at a Republican meeting.  We told you about it here.

Next, Ali was behind distributing this letter which he claims was also signed by CAIR (and btw CASA de Maryland) attacking the organizers of the Maryland Conservative Action Network conference (which includes this writer) for daring to present a panel on Shariah Law.  His letter brought protesters to the conference and it resulted in national media attention as we reported here.

To learn about Ali’s political activities in Montgomery County, Maryland and how he became a “former” delegate go here, here, and here (sleeper Saqib!).   He had become a minor superstar among his CAIR companions when he ran for office and succeeded in 2006.  But, after four lackluster years in the Maryland House of Delegates, he got ahead of himself and tried to unseat an incumbent fellow Democrat, Senator Nancy King, in the upper chamber and failed.

Putting Muslims in office

Back to the more important thread about CAIR/winning elections and why Ali had acquired superstar status among Islamists when he won his Maryland delegate’s seat.

In 2007, it went unnoticed that Imam Yahya Hendi of the Islamic Society of Frederick, MD told an audience in Saudi Arabia that Muslims wanted to win elections in the US and he anticipated there would be thirty Muslim mayors by 2015.  As I have said ad nauseam, imagine if any other group said—we want 30 Jewish mayors by 2015, or 30 Catholic mayors by that date—the uproar would be deafening.  But, as far as I know no one has ever commented on Hendi’s admission (his bragging really!) to the Saudis that Muslims were “nationalizing” Islam as part of the fabric of U.S. society.  See the Washington Times front page story of August 2007, here.

Meanwhile Ali was recognized for his electioneering  prowess at a couple of CAIR conventions, here (“We need to engage in partisan politics,” Ali said. “We must groom Muslims to get elected to public office, and support them with our time and money.”) and here.

What happened to CAIR-Maryland?

So, it’s pretty clear that Ali and his friends at CAIR want to put Islamists in office.  We get that.  Heck, we want Tea Partiers and conservatives generally in office!  But, the difference is we don’t masquerade as a religion.  Readers really need to internalize the concept that Islam has a religious component, but it does not have the tradition that we have here in the West of separating the religious from the political—in Islamic doctrine there is no separation between religion and politics.

Stick with me now, this is just getting good!

In 2002 a Montgomery County Pakistani named Ali Nawaz Memon incorporated CAIR-MD, here.  But, within a few short years the group was in trouble with the IRS that challenged its 501(c)3 charitable status because the IRS charged that CAIR Maryland was engaging in partisan politics.

We don’t know exactly what the IRS asked of CAIR, but we do know what Joseph Sandler, CAIR’s attorney, said in response to the feds’ questions.   Regular readers know that former chief counsel of the DNC Sandler is CASA de Maryland’s lawyer as well!   I urge the curious among you to read Sandler’s response here (learn about Shama Farooq’s activities, how CAIR-MD insinuated itself in the political process in MD linking itself to “Progressive Maryland” and how Del. Don Dwyer fits into the whole thing!).

I can only assume super-lawyer Sandler lost his argument with the IRS because just around this time CAIR-MD disbanded and we learned they joined forces with CAIR-VA (which is I believe now defunct as well due to a major fraud investigation) because we note they had a joint fundraising event here (the event where Saqib Ali was recognized).

So now we turn to Ms. Shama Farooq (bio here) identified in Joseph Sandler’s response to the IRS as the Director of Civil Rights of CAIR-MD in 2005 and 2006.  The IRS must have contended that she was too deep into the lobbying scene in both Maryland and Virginia.  She is also noted to have spent some time building an alliance with CASA de Maryland.

But, that is small potatoes compared to her starring role in David Gaubatz’s “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America.”

This (below) is taken directly from Chapter 6 in “Muslim Mafia.”  For readers who are unfamiliar with the book, Gaubatz’s son had been an intern with CAIR and the following is from documents he acquired during his internship.  It’s long, but important that you fully understand the operational methods employed by CAIR—in Maryland!

This happened at the Pakistani-dominated mosque in Hagerstown, MD!

In September 2004, a pair of agents arranged an interview with the Muslim leader of a Maryland mosque that the FBI was investigating for suspicious activity.  The mosque leader alerted CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), and CAIR sent Shama Farooq, then the civil rights director for its Maryland chapter, to coach him through the interview.

Farooq wrote a detailed plan covering what Dr. Sayeed Ahmed, president of the Islamic Society of Western Maryland, should and shouldn’t say.  The predominantly Pakistani mosque is controlled by ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) and the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Oftentimes, these meetings are used to get information about other community members,” she warned in the plan she devised.  “It is important, first of all, not to talk about anyone else at all.”  (emphasis in the original).

Farooq also insisted Ahmed turn his cell phone off, and keep it out of the sight and reach of the agents during the interview.

Finally, she advised, “You are not required to tell the which Islamic centers you attend, how many times a day you pray, who you give charity to, and which organizations you are associated with.”

“Definitely,” she stressed, “do not address any questions relating to terrorism or violence and their place in Islam.”

That was step number one.  Then Farooq and Ahmed went to lunch the day of the scheduled interview with the FBI—September 1, 2004—to review her ground rules, the secret CAIR memo details.  They agreed she would sit in on the meeting.

Following lunch, they went back to his office and continued to “discuss strategies,” including introducing her to the agents only as “a sister in Islam,” while not identifying her position with CAIR up front. And she again specifically advised Ahmed not to answer any questions regarding information he may know about terrorism and violence.

The agents arrived at Ahmed’s office on time, and over the course of their interview, Farooq stepped in to stop Ahmed from answering several questions she felt could “incriminate” him, even though she was not his attorney.

As a result, Ahmed withheld critical information from the FBI.


The FBI agents, who were attached to the bureau’s Pittsburgh field office and led by agent Terry Grzadzielewski, left the meeting unaware they were denied information relevant to their investigation—-thanks to CAIR’s operative running interference on behalf of the subject of their inquiry that day.

Farooq reported details of the FBI meeting, including Ahmed’s omissions, to CAIR-Maryland/Virginia chapter executive director Rizwan Mowlana, who had assigned her to spy on the FBI.  A copy of the confidential memo—which is marked DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE CAIR—was obtained from CAIR’s internal files.

[Emphasis mine—ed] At the end of her report, Farooq recommended CAIR gather local Muslims who worship at Ahmed’s mosque in Hagerstown, Maryland, to formally train them in similar deception and obstruction tactics.

“Since the Hagerstown community seems to be a center of attention for several FBI agents,” she wrote, “I recommend CAIR conduct a know-your-rights lecture at the location with some recommendations [on] how to respond to FBI agents when approached by them.”

CAIR, Ali, Sandler…the gang is all here!


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