Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 3, 2011

Western Maryland counties won’t take PlanMaryland lying down

This past Monday representatives from across the state gathered near Baltimore for a full afternoon of sessions on scientific evidence that demonstrated clearly the fallacies underpinning Governor Martin O’Malley’s plan to regulate all land use in Maryland from the state level.   The meeting was organized by Commissioner Richard Rothschild of Carroll County and some of his fellow commissioners.

O’Malley’s PlanMaryland is the most recent incarnation (at a state level) of the decades old plan to essentially zone America from the highest levels of government.   The concept was so egregious that the Jackson/Udall bill of the early 1970’s went nowhere.  But, environmentalists-cum-socialists simply re-grouped and went elsewhere—to the UN and to lower levels of government to push their agenda to plan your lives through smaller initiatives that they might then hide from citizens too busy with their lives, their jobs and families to notice the incremental nature of the plan.  This is from a Greenville, SC report on Agenda 21 (Watch Agenda 21 for Dummies! click here):

The early 1970s were filled with land use planning initiatives at the
federal level, guided by Senators Henry Jackson and Morris K. Udall
(National Land Use Planning Act, S. 3354). The Rockefeller Brothers Fund*
published The Use of Land: A Citizen’s Policy Guide to Urban Growth, in
1973. It was edited by William K. Reilly, who later served as EPA
Administrator under George Bush.

Forty years later they are still trying to wear us down!

On Monday, elected officials demanded that Gov. O’Malley re-write his initiative using accurate scientific data, include more involvement by the people of the state and ultimately put it before the State Legislature rather than ramming the plan through now by executive fiat—or else!

From Ken Timmerman writing at the Daily Caller:

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley is threatening to ram through a sweeping new land use plan that imposes an environmentalist agenda on the state’s sprawling rural populations — a move that could spark a tax revolt and mass exodus unless it is rewritten, county officials and state legislators told The Daily Caller on Monday.

O’Malley has indicated that he intends to impose what some lawmakers are calling a draconian new environmentalist agenda, known as “Plan Maryland,” through executive order and regulation, rather than through the state legislature, even though his fellow Democrats dominate both chambers.

Plan Maryland’s expensive new mandates for rural home builders will make new residences prohibitively expensive. O’Malley also intends to withhold state funds from new road projects and even new sewage systems if they are proposed outside the “smart growth” boundaries designated by his state planning board.

“As rural legislators and county commissioners, we will do everything we can to stop it through legislative means,” Delegate Kathy Afzali, a Republican from Frederick County told TheDC.

“But if we can’t stop it, we are going to push back. We are going to tell the governor quite simply, we won’t pay for it,” she added. “People are calling for absolute disobedience. We’re not going to take it lying down.”

Read it all (click here).

Richard Falknor, Blue Ridge Forum, also covered the meeting and reported here.

Western counties vote to hire a lobbyist to help stop/rethink PlanMaryland.

From the Hagerstown Herald Mail on Tuesday:

Concerned that a new state planning document will be used to “strong-arm” local governments, the Washington County Board of Commissioners decided Tuesday to join other Western Maryland counties in hiring a lobbyist to protect their interests.

The commissioners also agreed to send a letter asking Gov. Martin O’Malley to delay implementation of the PlanMaryland document until it can be reviewed by the state legislature.

“We want to work with the governor on this document, but we also want to be at the table,” Commissioners President Terry Baker said.

Washington County will join Carroll, Allegany, and Frederick counties in pitching in for the lobbyist, Baker said. Garrett County opted not to contribute, he said.

Hagerstown Tea Party Meeting on PlanMaryland scheduled.

Americans for Prosperity Maryland will be in Hagerstown to speak to the Hagerstown Tea Party about Plan Maryland on November 16th (7 p.m.) at Dimensions Restaurant, 132 Old National Pike, Hagerstown, MD.

Americans for Prosperity is crossing the state of MD to educate its citizens on what Plan Maryland is and discuss why property rights are essential to personal liberty. This plan allows a centralized unelected bureaucracy to make local decisions on planning and zoning and to decide what you can and cannot do on your own property without answering to you or your elected representatives by expanding the powers of the Governor’s Office based on legislation from 1974 that was never enacted until now! There will be speakers and a panel of local business owner/operators that may be affected by this plan to explain the details, discuss the consequences, and take questions.

Every freedom-loving Marylander needs to get involved!

Here is the Governor’s website on PlanMaryland.  Call 410-767-4500 (Maryland Department of Planning) and ask for more time to review the plan.  Ask them to send you a copy of “PlanMaryland Revised Draft Plan, September 2011.”

* A little historical note:   The Rockefellers were behind the creation of the National Park System which required condemnation of private property to establish. (They maintained hotels and other amenities nearby in the early stages so that money could be made from those visiting the parks which were paid for and maintained by the taxpayer.  A nice business plan wouldn’t you say!) and were instrumental in the late 1970s (funded the Alaska Lands Coalition! ostensibly a grassroots group) when Congress voted to lock-up the lands in Alaska that we know are underlain with (now locked-up!) oil reserves.



  1. On PlanMaryland—I know that the Hagerstown TEA party is holding a meeting on November 16 at New Dimensions on Rte 40 outside of Funkstown. Two things:

    1. The TEA party is not a card carrying group, anyone interested in the subject is welcome and can attend; there is no charge.

    2. Even though our meeting is on the 16th, anyone wishing to “officially” comment on the plan must do so by November 9th. The more voices that are heard from officially, the better.

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