Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 3, 2011

Vote fraud expert J. Christian Adams launches blog, joins PJ media

With all the huffing and puffing about the Shariah law panel at the Maryland Conservative Action Network (MD CAN) conference last Saturday an important panel on Voter Integrity went right by the Leftists attacking the meeting.

Unfortunately I missed the panel too (there were too many good choices at the same time!), but J. Christian Adams spoke along with Mark Antill of True the Vote from Houston, TX and Maryland Del. Kathy Afzali.  Kathy Kelleher of Election Integrity Maryland moderated the panel.  The move to purge Maryland voter rolls of dead people and others committing voter fraud will soon be underway.

I recommend all Tea Party activists and others concerned with Voter fraud in Maryland find a way to help Election Integrity Maryland do its job in the coming months.

If  J.Christian Adams isn’t a household name at your house, he should be.  After resigning from the US Justice Department over the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case he has become a prolific writer and speaker on the “Injustice” in our US Justice Department and in our election system.

Here are two links  to tell you more about Adams.  (Hat tip: Judy)

First, Adams has launched a new blog, entitled “Rule of Law.”  See this post about Soros funding of those who wish to continue to maintain the present corrupt voter ‘registration’ system.

In addition, he has joined the writing staff at Pajamas Media, here.

Find his blockbuster book, here, at Amazon.


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