Posted by: Ann Corcoran | November 3, 2011

Another Republican enters US Senate race in bid to unseat Ben Cardin

The field of challengers is growing!  At the Maryland Conservative Action Network Conference on Saturday where approximately 200 Maryland activists gathered, four US Senate wannabes (Bongino, Broadus, Capps and Vaughn) presented their credentials. (A fifth candidate, Rick Hoover, was expected, but did not attend).  And, although  unannounced, Del. Pat McDonough was handing out fliers saying he too was thinking about getting into the race.

Now comes news that Richard Douglas plans to file (or has filed) with the endorsement of former Maryland GOP Chair Audrey Scott (LOL! Does that mean that Douglas is the candidate of choice for the Bob Ehrlich/Mary Kane wing of the Party?).   Anticipating Douglas’ bid, organizers of Saturday’s MD CAN conference had invited Douglas to participate, but Douglas said he was unable to attend due to pressing family business.

From the College Park Patch:

A College Park resident announced today that he will challenge Democrat incumbent Ben Cardin for his seat in the U.S. Senate in the 2012 election.

Richard Douglas, a Republican, said in a statement he is disappointed with Cardin’s leadership, and that has motivated his own run for office.

“My opponent, Ben Cardin, has not led; he has instead followed a path of inaction when leadership and action were urgently required,” the release stated.


According to the release and his candidacy website, Douglas:

* Enlisted in the Navy in 1974, then became a reserve officer in 1992;

* served in Iraq in 2006 and is a Lieutenant Commander in the Naval Reserve;

* has a bachelor’s degree, a law degree and a master’s degree;

* entered the Foreign Service in 1986. He served in Juarez, Mexico and in the Spanish Basque port city Bilbao. He earned the State Department’s Superior Honor Award and a Meritorious Honor Award;

* joined the Justice Department in 1998;

* served as chief counsel to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and general counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee;

* served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense.

Former Maryland State Republican Chairwoman Audrey Scott endorses Douglas in his press release. Current Maryland GOP Chairman Alex Mooney was not immediately available for comment.

I would hope that Alex Mooney would continue to ‘not be available’ for such inquiries having hopefully absorbed the lesson that Audrey Scott learned the hard way—State Republican Chairmen do not endorse a candidate before a primary—the voters get to decide who the candidate will be on Primary Day.



  1. Why am I not surprised that Scott put her endorsement in….. this makes me wary of Douglas.

  2. Having recently disavowed myself from the democratic party, I am now an unaffiliated voter, which of course means that I will not be taking part in the primaries. I will simply wait and see what candidates are there for me to choose from at the general election.

  3. […] Scott’s (and I assume her son’s) candidate is Richard Douglas—we reported that, here, on November 3rd.    I’ve met Douglas and he seems a very capable candidate and decent […]

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