Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 31, 2011

MD CAN Conference went off without a hitch….

….if you leave out the weather, that is!    I sound like my mother—going to a weather report first—-but since we had a historic snow event in the East, I think it’s o.k. this time.   Some of us joked that Al Gore must have been about to speak somewhere on the perils of global warming to bring about such a momentous freak snowstorm.

I’m sorry that some MD CAN registrants were unable to make it due to the weather (still there were close to 200 in attendance), but when I drove home Sunday morning I realized why we had such mixed reports from the western counties.  There were areas west of Howard County with only a dusting, then maybe an area with 4 or 5 inches, then back to a dusting near Frederick.  Over the “mountains” it was pretty evident that Saturday had been a miserable day—in one area the snow was as much as 8 inches deep and trees and tree branches littered the roads.  At my home we will need a tree company to deal with our damage.  Thankfully we have our electricity, but some of my neighbors still don’t!

Happily I missed it all in the comfort of the Annapolis DoubleTree Hotel  (rain beating on the windows) which I am proud to say did not cave to pressure from those who seek to silence conservative voices generally and especially those voices concerned with creeping Shariah law.  (Texas and Tennessee hotels should be ashamed of themselves!)

Because I have too much to say, and don’t know where to begin, below is a list of press and new media (blogger) accounts of the day with MD CAN for you to read:

* The Annapolis Capital report tops the list for snark and blatant reporter bias, here.

* The “progressive” Maryland Juice gives us a look at the protesters outside in the rain.  (If you are a new reader, you can see what the fuss was all about, here).   Note that the Muslims (maybe all two of them) were supported by Quakers.  If you don’t know what that is all about, read this earlier post on the Religious LEFT and how the Quakers even supported the Gaza Flotilla (Hamas) against Israel (a really peaceful event—LOL!).   Also, remember that it was the Quakers (in the Sanctuary Movement) primarily behind the creation of CASA de Maryland (Bette Rainbow Hoover)!

* Richard Falknor, writing at Blue Ridge Forum was at MD CAN on Saturday and had this to say.  Falknor says that most Members of the Maryland Legislature missed a great opportunity to learn about the issues motivating the conservative base in Maryland.

* Blogger Julie Brewington (Right Coast Conservative) reported that one of the highlights of her day was meeting Lord Christopher Monckton and Trevor Loudon (New Zeal).  Everyone knows the brilliant Monckton, but Loudon is an unsung hero to western bloggers for his many years of tireless research into worldwide Communist networks and his love for our country.

* For a little humor, blogger Robert Stacy McCain (a target of the protesters too) commented in advance of the MD CAN conference at the American Spectator about the critical Huffington Post article and had this to say about the pending anti-MDCAN demonstration at the hotel (emphasis mine):

This is very good news: Nothing like a bunch of noisy left-wing protesters to garner some free publicity and, as every conservative knows, you’re nobody until you’ve been denounced by CAIR.

The HuffPo article called me “an extremist right-wing blogger,” but I confess I’ve been so busy covering the Herman Cain presidential campaign lately that I haven’t done much work for “the $42.6 million industry that fuels the Islamophobia infrastructure in America,” Then again, I wasn’t aware this “industry” was so lucrative. So I’ve told the conference organizers to cut me in for my share of that $42.6 million — small bills, please — and we’ll consider it an advance payment for future fear-mongering.

* Red Maryland radio was there too, listen here!

* Readers, as you see more accounts of the conference, I will add them here.  Please send to

An afterthought:

I attended the New Media panel where McCain spoke (and learned a lot!), but wish I had stood up and told the audience about another sort of blogging.  I love political commentary blogging and bloggers, but got my start more as a research/investigative blogger and still prefer that part of new media.

A little aside on blogging:   Some bloggers take news stories and other opinion pieces and riff off them with their opinions, some bloggers dig through obscure sources and talk to people and do original investigative writing and some do both from time to time.   And, anyone of you can do this—the more blogs and bloggers the better!

Just now when I mentioned Trevor Loudon I was sorry (again) that I didn’t say something at the New Media panel discussion.  It’s not as much fun and one labors in obscurity, but since we have no real investigative reporters anymore, it’s incredibly important to have bloggers digging deep into documents and other materials to help the public get to the truth.   Loudon’s work to bring attention to the Communists and Socialists surrounding Barack Obama has been an invaluable service to our country and we owe him a great debt of gratitude.  If you are a fan of Glenn Beck, know that it was Loudon who helped Beck see the full picture.


  1. Ann, thanks for your work and that of Tanya and Catherine for putting on this great conference. Another issue that was covered very well was voter integrity. Thanks to work by True the Vote in Texas, it is now possible for anyone anywhere in the country to use public voter databases to ferret out possible voter registration fraud. And thanks to the Motor Voter law (which J. Christian Adams pointed out has many other provisions besides motor voter, many of them useful to us) citizens have standing to sue government officials who do not clean up the voter rolls. He pointed out that although the Justice Department will not take action against voter fraud, and many state and local officials similarly will not, grassroots Americans now have to tools to clean up our elections.

    • Thanks Judy, and that is one of the sessions I missed and am sorry that I did….

  2. Speaking of investigations, what does Saqib Ali do when he’s not organizing protests and being a “former member of the Maryland state legislature”?

    His blog & his Wikipedia entry seem to have stopped in 2010.

    His wife, Susan, was described in a 2009 WaPo article as a “stay-at-home mom and part-time nanny.”

    Is he still working at Mitre?

    • I have no clue, but if I find the answer, I’ll let you know! If you find out, let us know!

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