Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 28, 2011

Muslims offended by Christian symbols at Catholic University

…..but Catholic Church leaders have no one to blame but themselves!

And, you thought the Shariah was not coming to the US?  Be prepared for this sort of agitation for the rest of your lives! (Tomorrow Islamist demonstrators and enablers are expected at the DoubleTree Hotel to protest speakers at the MD CAN conference.They are on the move now.

This story was all over the news yesterday (even Sean Hannity had it last night).   From Fox News (Hat tip to several readers):

The Washington, D.C. Office of Human Rights confirmed that it is investigating allegations that Catholic University violated the human rights of Muslim students by not allowing them to form a Muslim student group and by not providing them rooms without Christian symbols for their daily prayers.

The investigation alleges that Muslim students “must perform their prayers surrounded by symbols of Catholicism – e.g., a wooden crucifix, paintings of Jesus, pictures of priests and theologians which many Muslim students find inappropriate.”

A spokesperson for the Office of Human Rights told Fox News they had received a 60-page complaint against the private university. The investigation, they said, could take as long a six months.

The complaint was filed by John Banzhaf, an attorney and professor at George Washington University Law School.

Banzhaf has been involved in previous litigation against the school involving the same-sex residence halls. He also alleged in his complaint involving Muslim students that women at the university were being discriminated against.

Banzhaf said some Muslim students were particularly offended because they had to meditate in the school’s chapels “and at the cathedral that looms over the entire campus – the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.”

“It shouldn’t be too difficult somewhere on the campus for the university to set aside a small room where Muslims can pray without having to stare up and be looked down upon by a cross of Jesus,” he told Fox News.

One’s sensible first response is to say, ‘you don’t like the Basilica, go to school somewhere else!’  But, I will bet you a buck that Catholic University caves to the demands.  There is a lot more, read it all.

So why do I blame Catholic Church leaders?

For three decades, ever since Senators Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden pushed through the Refugee Act of 1980 (signed by Jimmy Carter), the pro-open borders US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), as a federal contractor, has been taking millions of your tax dollars from the US State Department and the Dept. of Health and Human Services (millions every year!) to resettle Muslim refugees in the US.  Of course they don’t say (and can’t say), let’s help the Iraqi Christians first to get out of that Islamic country, but instead merrily resettle Muslims from Russia, the Middle and Far East and Africa to your towns and cities.

By the way, how do you think Nashville got such a large population of Somalis, now politically active and helping to shut down conferences?  Catholic Charities runs the refugee program in the state of Tennessee.

Here is the USCCB 2010 annual report.  Out of a total revenue stream of $74 million, they received $69 million in government grants and contracts.  When you take government (taxpayer!) money for your supposed “charitable deeds” be prepared for the consequences.

It’s all about the money and now to paraphrase Obama’s religious mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the “chickens have come home to roost!”

Endnote:  Did you know that the Bishops are also lobbying on global warming?   Wonder where that money comes from—hmmm!



  1. A. Catholic University is a private institution that should be allowed to do whatever they want.
    B. Catholic University is a catholic institution, a Christian institution, if the muslims want to form muslim groups and have rooms free of Christian symbology, then they should go to Muslim University, not Catholic University.
    C. Why does a professor and attorney at George Washington University Law School give a flying rat’s butt about what Catholic University is doing?

    Note to self: Make sure granddaughter does not go to George Washington University Law School. And, I wonder how George Washington would feel about this turn of events?

    The Left is hell-bent on destroying God, if they succeed at that they will have effectively destroyed the Constitution of the United States, along with our inalienable rights which have been granted us by our Creator. The left has found an ally with the muslims, just another attempt at destroying God, a’la no prayer in school, no ten commandments at the court house, blah, blah, blah. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Now the down side.
    Catholicism has down themselves no favors in embracing illegal immigrants and embracing muslims, which will never convert to Catholicism. I have a lot more to say on the subject, but I am tired.

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