Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 27, 2011

Did Bob Ehrlich have an epiphany?

If so, there is a great opportunity on Saturday to prove it!

The ultimate establishment politician himself and the Maryland Romney campaign chairman, former MD Governor Bob Ehrlich, writes in defense of the Tea Party.  Huh!

Well, he is trying to sell a book. (The WaPo reports that he wants to stay “relevant”)

Yesterday in the Washington Times, the guy who angrily attacked Tea Party star Sarah Palin last year (here and here) when she endorsed Ehrlich’s Tea Party-leaning primary opponent Brian Murphy, had this to say.  (Hat tip: Doug)

The fury with which America’s left-leaning establishment has chronicled the country’s fiscal challenges is indeed fascinating to those of us who follow such activities.

The Washington Post’s editorial and op-ed pages are full of grand indictments against all things Tea Party, GOP Congress and the leading Republican presidential contenders.

The headlines of many recent opinion pieces reflect the unbridled vitriol: “Those reckless Republicans,” “The Tea Party, united only by anger and the Internet,” “Conservative zealotry vs. economic reality,” “Racism and the Tea Party movement,” and “The GOP’s carjacking on Capitol Hill” – is but a sampling of recent reviews produced by the establishment’s opinion makers.

The establishment is in a bad mood – a negative mindset that only gets worse as each passing day brings its share of disquieting economic news.

How did we reach such an ugly state of affairs? Why the overt hostility directed toward what until recently was viewed in a positive light – grass-roots activism? And what did the average Tea Party protester do to deserve such dismissive treatment from so many leading opinion makers?

Hey, Bob, you had Tea Party people right here in Maryland (not flyover country unless you count the four counties to the West) when you and the MD GOP establishment cooked up that special (Rule 11) deal with Steele for endorsement by the GOP BEFORE THE PRIMARY—and effectively tore the already struggling MD GOP to shreds.  Remember that Maryland Tea Partiers were “orphans” in 2010.

Ehrlich continued:

… is the makeup of the Tea Party protesters that generates the most hostility. You see, they tend to live between the coasts, in “flyover America.” Their states trend toward red on Election Day. Furthermore, their rhetoric is steeped in a new libertarian-influenced populism – more anti-government, anti-Washington, anti-tax and anti-federal pre-emption than past incarnations of conservative-inspired realignments. As such, they represent a more direct challenge to those who are vested in gigantic government now overseen by newly installed “czars” whose focus is the expansion of federal control into every nook and cranny of American life.

Ehrlich warns the Establishment!!!

Tea Party members and like-minded conservatives certainly have taken some significant hits from Washington’s opinion-maker establishment. They are dismissed as “know-nothings.” They are labeled racists and xenophobes. They are bloodied, but unbowed – and ready to make a mark on the 2012 election. Establishment beware.

Bob’s big chance!

How about if the new defender of the Tea Party in Maryland weighed in and supported this Saturday’s Tea Party/Conservative conference in Annapolis or maybe wrote (he is a writer now) a defense for those of us as we are being attacked as “racists and xenophobes” by the Maryland hard left, here   As far as I know there is only one representative of the MD GOP leadership and no official Romney campaign people registered for Saturday’s conference—a great place for Gov. Bob to come, listen, and learn — as well as to press the flesh at lunch and during breaks – – with real live Tea Party-minded people in his own state!  And, put some action with those words!

Come on out Bob!  You will be warmly welcomed.

Ehrlich testified this week in the corruption trial of Maryland Senator Ulysses Currie as a character witness.


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