Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 26, 2011

For a little comic relief: Sandler “the silencer” called to the rescue in PA

You all know who Joseph E. Sandler* is by now—the former chief counsel of the DNC and official silencer for the Democrat Party.  He is the rich Montgomery Co. MD  (with office in DC) hot-shot lawyer who is spearheading the case against middle class taxpayers in Maryland for CASA de Maryland.   You know, he wants you to subsidize the college educations of illegal aliens.

Now comes news that Sandler has been called in to silence the mayor of Chester, PA.   Readers this is a big story!  Seems the incumbent REPUBLICAN Mayor Wendell N. Butler Jr. has been putting up billboard size campaign signs (see the sign at Politico) suggesting Obama supports him (don’t ask me why!), and the Democrat Party with Sandler as the enforcer is telling him to cease and desist because they support the Democrat, John Linder, and how dare this other guy suggest Obama endorses him.

Why do I say it’s a big story—it’s a local race that even Politico has jumped into.  And, just a few days ago, the DNC has sent in its biggest gun of all—-DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  Don’t ask me why this race matters so much.  I don’t really care but apparently the Dems need this town.

By the way, both candidates are black in a city, located between Philadelphia and Wilmington, DE, that we are told is 3/4th black.

* We have a whole category on Sandler, here.

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