Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 23, 2011

Invasion of the aliens—MoCo Dems to Maryland’s 6th District

Yesterday, when I read about the Montgomery County Democrats lining up to run for Congress in the newly gerrymandered 6th District (western Maryland, sort of) that’s just what my first thought was—ahhhh! the aliens are coming!

Check out Maryland Juice here and here and read about State Senator Rob Garagiola and former MoCo Council Member Duchy Trachtenberg and their plans to take us over.

Yikes! we’ve been a conservative district for 20 years!    I’ve been here for 26 years and remember when virtually all of our elected officials were Democrats and now it is almost the complete opposite.  If a Democrat should represent us in Congress it will feel downright alien.

There are other Dems too, I recommend that you stop by the Progressive Democrat blog Maryland Juice from time to time where blogger and DC resident David Moon seems fascinated with how the vultures are moving in on Rep. Roscoe Bartlett who is, by the way, still kicking.

On the Republican side the list is growing of those also looking to pick Bartlett’s bones.   Today the Hagerstown Herald Mail said that, should Bartlett decide not to run, Del. Leroy Myers and State Senator Chris Shank would be thinking about a run.  But, the field is already crowded with primary challengers (frankly I’ve lost track of who is in and who isn’t yet).  There is also the ever-present rumor that MD GOP Chairman Alex Mooney would join the melee.

Yesterday, Senate President Mike Miller likened the battle for the 6th District to the Civil War!   (I still prefer the Alien Invasion analogy!)

From the Baltimore Sun:

“It is going to be like the Civil War,” said Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, noting that one of America’s most famous battlefields is located in the district. “It is going to be the North and South coming together right there in Antietam, battling all over again.”

Stay tuned! 2012 will surely not be boring….


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