Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 22, 2011

Republican establishment sleepwalking off a cliff!

That is what author Chet Arthur said today at American Thinker.  (Hat tip: Cathy).

In my previous post I speculated that the Dems want Republicans to nominate Romney (gee I wonder why!) and that is exactly the man the GOP establishment is backing— a death wish indeed!

From American Thinker:

Sometimes it seems as if the GOP Establishment is sleepwalking off a cliff.  In 1996, having scored the stunning victories of the off-year congressional elections, the GOP suits dutifully lined up behind the impossible Bob Dole.  From the moment Americans realized their choices would be Clinton or Dole, “Bubba” was never behind one day in the polls.

It’s looking like déjà Dole all over again.  Mitt Romney is the proverbial GOP next-in-liner.  After the Tea Party helped Republicans score major victories in ’10, the GOP Establishment is hunting desperately for a way to lose the very next election.

Read it all (click here) it’s good!  And, it’s exactly why Herman Cain is rising in the polls right now (gaffs and all)—the regular folks see Dole (and McCain) in Mitt Romney and don’t want to be had again!



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  2. I am not sure that the GOP is putting Mr. Romney up as the frontrunner. That seems to me to be the press thats saying Romney is the frontrunner. A recent Wall Street Journal- CBS poll found Herman Cain leading their poll. Ergo, the people who responded to the poll picked Cain, not Romney. It is only the liberal press who is pushing Romney. The GOP will put forth whoever the people vote for in the primaries. And the press can’t control that!

    I have faith in the American people. We will no longer be led by the nose, either by dishonest politicians, or by the press who have for too long dictated our actions.

    I believe the election of 2012 will be the most historic event in American politics, perhaps, ever.

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