Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 22, 2011

Dem strategist: It’s gotta be Romney….

…..or the GOP will have lost its mind.

When Democratic strategists like Bob Shrum tell us it has to be Mitt Romney or we are nuts, it doesn’t help Romney.  It makes people like me say—anybody but Romney.

I’ve been thinking all along that Obama wants to run against Romney because they can paint him as the candidate of Wall Street and big money.  (Occupy Wall Street is just setting the stage for the campaign they are planning.)

The title of this AP article caught my eye—GOP speed daters ready to go steady with Romney?  Very clever, because it does feel a little like that as this candidate or that candidate becomes the ‘flavor of the week’—but readers remember how Dem voters went from one candidate to the other in 2007 and 2008.  It is quite normal for voters to study the candidates and change their minds as they learn more.

But, when a supposed news report tells us that we are all fickle, that all of the candidates (excepting Romney) will fall by the wayside and that Romney is the clear choice (or we are nuts), I’m suspicious.

Here is Shrum feeding “news” to AP:

Democratic strategist Bob Shrum, a veteran of multiple [losing–ed] presidential campaigns,* thinks Cain is destined to fade. The former pizza executive and his 9-9-9 tax plan have been coming under tough scrutiny since voters sent his stock rising.

But Shrum throws cold water on the idea that any of the GOP also-rans will be the next big thing, supplanting Cain.

“There are very limited outcomes here,” Shrum says. “If Perry gets a bounce in the next week or two, then he’s alive again and he could become a real alternative.

“In the absence of that,” says Shrum, “Romney has to be the nominee — unless the party completely loses its mind.”

*Now go read Shrum’s wikipedia page for a good laugh.  Shrum has a curse critics say—he has worked on eight losing Presidential campaigns including most recently for that paragon of decency and virtue—John Edwards.   But, he did help defeat Romney when Romney tried to unseat Ted Kennedy in the 1994 campaign for the Massachusetts Senate seat now held by Scot Brown.   LOL! Maybe Shrum is just hoping to get hired by the Obama campaign as the Romney expert—so it’s gotta be Romney.

Endnote:  Maryland’s GOP speed daters already going steady with Romney are here.



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  2. Sure glad the Democrats are picking our candidates now. I guess the RNC can now be considered irrelevant. Oh, that’s right. They already were.

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