Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 21, 2011

Steve Jobs became a conservative

So says the author of the soon-to-be-released biography of the legendary Apple founder Steve Jobs who died recently of pancreatic cancer.   We are also told that Jobs warned Obama he would be a one-termer.

According to an article yesterday at the Huffington Post:

He [Jobs] seemed to have transformed from a liberal into a conservative.

“You’re headed for a one-term presidency,” he told Obama at the start of their meeting, insisting that the administration needed to be more business-friendly. As an example, Jobs described the ease with which companies can build factories in China compared to the United States, where “regulations and unnecessary costs” make it difficult for them.

Jobs also criticized America’s education system, saying it was “crippled by union work rules,” noted Isaacson. “Until the teachers’ unions were broken, there was almost no hope for education reform.” Jobs proposed allowing principals to hire and fire teachers based on merit, that schools stay open until 6 p.m. and that they be open 11 months a year.

Read it all.

You’ve probably all heard that old expression attributed to Winston Churchill (looks like it applies in this case):

If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.

LOL! Please don’t take offense if you’ve always been a conservative!  I suspect this phrase was just a handy way of saying (with a sympathetic look and a pat on the shoulder), it’s o.k. if you were once a liberal, but have now seen the light and you are very welcome to join us.


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