Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 16, 2011

MD Senator Ben Cardin rolling in campaign cash….

…. and a large part of it comes from unions, medical associations and insurance PACs.

The Washington Post reported yesterday that Maryland Democrat Senator Benjamin Cardin raked in $700,000 in the most recent quarter ending September 30th:

Sen. Benjamin Cardin (D-Md.) announced Friday that his reelection campaign had raised more than $700,000 from July through September, demonstrating again that any challenger will have a steep financial hill to climb.

Cardin, who is running for his second term, had more than $2.3 million in the bank as of Sept. 30. “Particularly during these tough economic times, I am humbled by the level of support I’ve received,” Cardin said in a statement issued by his campaign. [Yeh, right Ben, as if a whole bunch of just regular folks are sending their pennies and dollars to you!—ed].

It never ceases to amaze me that the special interest big bucks go to the Democrats (like Obama and Cardin), yet they are always screaming about special interest money tainting politics.  Check out all the 2011 numbers for Cardin here (be sure to click on the link for PAC money).

Meanwhile Dan Bongino (so far the most visible Republican opponent) raised significantly less (as of this writing his most recent report is not listed at the FEC website).  I don’t know about you, but that could be a plus if Bongino has the intestinal fortitude to high-light some of Cardin’s donors and let the voters know who Cardin is beholding to.

Former Secret Service agent Daniel Bongino, the most active Republican candidate in the race so far, will report a much smaller haul. Bongino raised $52,000 in the 3rd quarter, and had $31,000 on hand at the end of September.

“We’re actually encouraged by it,” said Bongino campaign aide Jim Gibbons, noting that Bongino, a first-time candidate, had no name identification or fundraising infrastructure before the entered the race.

Bongino was endorsed this week by Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and is hoping to boost his fundraising by attracting support from more prominent Republicans soon.

You can hear from Bongino and several other candidates gunning for Cardin’s seat at the Maryland Conservative Action Network Conference on October 29th in Annapolis, MD.


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