Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 15, 2011

So you think Shariah Law couldn’t come to Maryland?

According to the blog Creeping Shariah it may already have with the appointment by Governor Martin O’Malley of the first Muslim judge appointed to the high court.  See Creeping Shariah here for the full story. (Hat tip:  Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum).

Seems Democrat O’Malley has now joined Republican Governor Chris Christie who this past summer appointed a controversial Muslim to the high court in New Jersey.  Christie called this Shariah Law business “crap,” here.

Come on out to the MD CAN Conference on October 29th and let’s talk about what Christie calls “crap” and you can decide for yourself.



  1. Judge El-Amin was not appointed to MD’s highest court. That’s the Court of Appeals, on which there are 7 judges. Then there’s the Court of Special Appeals, which has 13 judges. Then there’s the Circuit Court, and there’s one in each county. El-Amin was appointed to the Circuit Court in Prince George’s County, where he serves with 25 or so other judges. Around the state, there are 157 circuit court judges.

    Third-highest court, yes — highest court, no.

    • Thanks for the correction!

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