Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 11, 2011

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett’s uphill battle for another term

We have previously reported that Maryland 6th District Republican Roscoe Bartlett is in for the race of his life if the draft legislative re-districting proposed by the O’Malley gang is ultimately adopted (not to mention that young buck Republicans would like to defeat him in the primary).  Here (yesterday) the Baltimore Sun reports on scientist Bartlett’s 18+ year career in the US House of Representatives.

The Sun begins:

When scientist Roscoe Bartlett was thrust suddenly into front runner status in a topsy-turvy race for Congress in 1992, Republican leaders in Maryland arranged a private meeting so he could get to know them. Maybe it was his ill-fitting suit, or just his folksy demeanor, but the encounter did not go well.

“Probably the initial reaction was, ‘Does this guy really have a chance?'” recalled Ellen Sauerbrey, then the minority leader of the Maryland House of Delegates. He did.

During a nearly two-decade career on Capitol Hill, the Western Maryland Republican has remained the consummate political outsider, eschewing Washington to drive home each night to his farm south of Frederick, bucking his own party on energy and climate change and claiming ownership of issues — such as stink bug control — that few others have readily embraced.

But at 85, the second-oldest member of the House now faces what may be the greatest political challenge of his tenure: A new congressional district drafted by Democrats in Annapolis would prove far less friendly if he decides to seek an 11th term next year. The proposed district, which the Maryland General Assembly will consider this month, instantly makes the 6th District race a tossup.

Read it all.

Immigration is always a bellweather issue for me, so I checked Rep. Bartlett’s immigration scorecard at NumbersUSA just now—he has an A+ score.  Most of the Maryland Delegation got F’s!



  1. As I understand it, this is what is going on here. This new redistricting plan, the new map, was engineered for a singular purpose, that purpose being to “get rid” of Roscoe Bartlett. Even the liberals of Montgomery County are not thrilled with this plan because it removes a great deal of their progressive base and moves it to Bartlett’s district which, in effect, reduces Montgomery County’s progressive powers. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out.
    How about this senario: The redistricting takes place, Montgomery county loses a great deal of its progressive base to Bartlett’s district, then, Bartlett wins anyway. Wouldn’t that be a hoot.

    • Or,here is an even more interesting scenario, Montgomery Co. loses some of its progressive base and some very sharp non-Democrat wins Mont. Co! I know it’s dreaming but anything is possible. I’ve heard Van Hollen isn’t that popular.

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