Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 8, 2011

J. Christian Adams new book challenges US Justice Department’s radical practices

Update October 15th:  Thomas Sowell has a really good piece entitled, “Reverse Racism” about the Obama Justice Department here.

You may recall that Mr. Adams is the former Justice Department lawyer who resigned over the handling of the New Black Panther’s voter intimidation case.   Now he has written a book entitled, “Injustice.”   Unfortunately I’m going away for a few days and don’t have time to write more today, but please visit Sean Hannity’s interview with Adams here a few nights ago.


J. Christian Adams is a former attorney for the Department of Justice and in his new book he exposes what he says is the radical agenda at the Obama Justice Department.

Now he claims that he witnessed firsthand the lawlessness of the DOJ and he has the evidence to prove it. I sat down with him earlier and pulled back the curtain on some of the frightening practices taking place there.

Read on!

You can hear from Christian Adams first hand at the Maryland Conservative Action Network Conference on October 29th in Annapolis, MD.

Adams will participate in a panel discussion that will run twice that day entitled, Election Integrity, and will share the podium with other experts on the issue:

  • J. Christian Adams, former U.S. Justice Department lawyer who resigned over the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case in Philadelphia
  • Kathy Afzali, MD Delegate
  • Catherine Engelbrecht, Founder – True the Vote (Houston, TX)
  • Cathy Kelleher, President – Election Integrity Maryland

For more information and to register, go here.


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