Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 5, 2011

California editor wants to see Norquist’s groups’ tax returns

I had this piece in my in-box before the bombshell dropped on Grover Norquist, here, yesterday.

Dan Morain, an editor at the Sacramento Bee, but formerly a reporter for two decades at the Los Angeles Times (helps to know where he is coming from!) wants to know who is funding Grover Norquist’s enterprises and is highly critical of non-profits that influence politics and then hide their sources of funding.

Hey Dan, I think we would all like to know that information—both for Norquist’s groups and the thousands and thousands of non-profits on the political Left who routinely hide their income (gee, ACORN comes to mind immediately).

Here is Morain at the Sacramento Bee on Sunday:

As the 2012 campaign revs up, nonprofit corporations that engage in political advocacy are becoming prominent once again.  [Yes, indeed!]

And once again, voters will know nothing about their finances until long after they cast their ballots, and will never know the identities of the donors who fund them.  [Agreed!]

Take a look at two politically active nonprofit entities, Americans for Tax Reform, presided over by anti-tax zealot Grover Norquist, and one called Taxpayer Network.

Both claim to protect taxpayers’ interests. Both sought to influence politics in 2010. Here we are in October 2011, and neither has released any information about its 2010 finances.

Granted, public disclosure by nonprofit corporations is not the world’s most pressing issue. But here’s a reason to care: these entities seek to sway policymakers, and benefit mightily from the tax code.

You’d think they could bestir themsleves to meet a few basic requirements, like filing their public tax returns, more or less by the April 15 deadline that most of us meet.  [Non-profits have a later deadline, but nonetheless, you can almost never find one that didn’t file for an extension, and the ones I look at are all on the political Left—ed]

Read the whole thing.

I wanted to see if Morain ever questioned ACORN (or any group on the Left) and found only this piece to which he contributed that discredits the McCain camp for questioning Obama’s affiliation with ACORN, but sure couldn’t find anything where Morain asked the same questions about sources of funding for Left-leaning groups.  If anyone knows of any such reporting by Morain, please send links my way.

Do you think Dan Morain would go after CASA de Maryland with the same zeal as he goes after Norquist in the above piece?  Naaahhh!

Unrelated (or maybe not), when searching around for information on Morain, I came across this post by our friend Jane Jamison (Uncoverage) about immigration issues in California and how establishment Republicans are blocking any attempts by new members of the California legislature to bring immigration under control in that state.  Look for pro-amnesty Norquist helping the establishment Republicans somewhere behind the scenes.

Jamison (on Morain and the RINOs):

What the article indicates is  why there is absolutely no hope of California ever pulling itself out from under the boot of the  Democratic/big labor union/ La Raza Reconquista Latino lobby. It is the arrogant, condescending, appeasing RINO pinkie-ring attitude of elitists like GOP consultant Marty Wilson. Wilson was apparently standing with reporter Morain on the sidelines…..watching and snarking the tea party immigration rally.



  1. […] one “key employee” prior to 2008—Grover Norquist.   The question remains—who has been funding ATR  (and Norquist) for the last 25 years? GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); […]

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