Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 4, 2011

Pennsylvania Tea Partiers go after Republicans on natural gas subsidies

When I started PTPR I had every intention of writing about Tea Party doings in the quad-state region—WV, PA, VA and MD, but there has been so much going on in Maryland that I’ve been remiss in writing about our neighbors.   This story caught my attention this morning because it’s partially about Rep. Lou Barletta, the darling of  immigration control activists (I heard him speak this past weekend—twice).

These Tea Partiers in Northeastern Pennsylvania have a bone to pick with him and Rep. Tom Marino because those Members of Congress are promoting a huge federal subsidy ($5 billion over five years to develop the shale industry and natural gas use in PA) that is not in keeping with their previous rhetoric about the free market.

Here is the story from the Daily Item of Sunbury, PA:

The Northeast Pennsylvania Tea Party is launching robo-calls, bashing congressmen Tom Marino, R-10, of Cogan Station, and Lou Barletta, R-9, of Hazleton, diehard conservative Republicans who have often identified themselves as members of the Tea Party.

In fact, it’s their Tea-esque rhetoric that helped get them elected, many observers have said.

So, why would the herd be turning against their own?

Two words: Natural gas.

PoliticsPA reports that Marino and Barletta are co-sponsors of legislation — H.R. 1380, the NAT GAS Act — that would create tax incentives and subsidies to encourage the use and production of natural gas vehicles.

“We were fans of Barletta and Marino,” NEPA Tea Party leader Bob Orbin told PoliticsPA. “And it’s disappointing to see them backing these types of plans when they say they back the free market.”

Read it all.  These Tea Party activists aren’t laying off of Barletta just because he is good on immigration.


  1. Isn’t it amazing how lawmakers, once they are elected, forget why they were elected. I hope my Pennsylvania Tea Party friends stay vigilant.

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