Posted by: Ann Corcoran | October 3, 2011

No more Che Day!

Below is an event notice from the Maryland YAF chapters at the University of MD and the University of MD Baltimore that warms my heart.  Hat tip:  Tonya.   See also Maryland YAF’s excellent website here.

Maryland’s YAF chapters at UMD and UMBC will be joining with conservative organizations across the country this week to mark the anniversary of the death of Communist revolutionary Che Guevara. Che Guevara​ was an international terrorist and mass murderer. During his vicious campaigns to impose Communism on countries throughout Latin America, Che Guevara trained and motivated the Castro regime’s firing squads that executed thousands of men, women and children.

We see Che’s face everywhere today — usually on t-shirts worn by leftist college students who have no clue about the horrors Che is responsible for. Che is idealized as a revolutionary figure, when in fact he is just another Communist thug and murderer. On October 9, 1967, Ernesto “Che” Guevara was put to death by Bolivian soldiers who were trained, equipped and guided by U.S. Green Beret and CIA operatives.

Che Guevara ImageTo mark the anniversary of Che’s death, YAF chapters will be distributing fliers and posters exposing the real Che Guevara this week on Friday, October 7. The fliers feature some memorable quotes from Che, like, “The solution to the world’s problems is to be found behind the Iron Curtain,” and, “To execute a man we don’t need proof of his guilt.” The poster of Che’s face is comprised of the faces of his victims.

For more on this event, contact UMBC YAF Chairman Kristin Shields at and UMD YAF Chairman Danny Joiner at


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