Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 30, 2011

Mrs. Fred reports that all went well with the Grandy’s presentation to MD Republican Club

Regular readers may recall that we reported a couple of weeks ago that Fred Grandy and his wife Catherine were scheduled to attend  the Chevy Chase Republican Women’s Club to make a presentation about the threat of Islamic Shariah Law creeping into the US.

A whole host of Montgomery County and statewide Democrats and others then had the audacity to write a letter and suggest that the club had a lot of nerve doing such a politically incorrect thing as to assemble and practice free speech  [See the letter here and look for the fallout below.]

Now Mrs. Fred reports that the event went well, click here. (Hat tip: Cathy):

Good news: the Chevy Chase Republican Women’s Club did not cancel our 9/24/11 event. Despite the best efforts of Barack Obama’s Organizing for America and a letter signed by Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett along with almost two dozen Maryland lawmakers, not to mention the online outrage displayed by those who are clueless about the Muslim Brotherhood, the MD GOP did not back down. In fact, the attempt to undermine us worked in our favor. We spoke to a capacity crowd and another event is already in the works.

However, we have decided to no longer post our scheduled events, so as not to tempt the clueless Americans who have no idea their country is being sold out to the Muslim Brotherhood and Shariah Law.

Again, click here to read her whole post.

Meanwhile blogger Joe Steffen (Darkness Rising) posted here at Global Rhetoric tells us who he thinks stirred the pot  behind the scenes and got that Leggett Letter circulating (in addition to former delegate Saqib Ali) Steffen alleges it was likely Dan Zubairi.   (This was posted ten days ago but I’m just seeing it now.)


…Grandy is the scheduled speaker at an event called “The Islamic Threat to America.” Sponsored by the Chevy Chase Women’s Republican Club in Montgomery County, Maryland, Grandy will speak on September 24th. Alas, this shindig has created what appears to yours truly as much more dust and smoke than is necessary.

Case in point: I’ve been advised that an individual posted on the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) Facebook page about plans to protest Grandy’s appearance. Well, besides assuming that CAIR never got the memo stating that the best way to ensure any event gets a ton of coverage is to protest it, I did some digging – or, shall I say, some digging came to me…

I’ve been advised by a number of sources that the main cause for the uproar over Grandy’s speech in Montgomery County comes from a gent I knew from the Ehrlich Gubernatorial days, Dan Zubairi. The problem is, according to these same sources, Zubairi does everything behind the scenes – be it something sophomoric like clandestine postings on websites – or something with a bit bit more muscle, like getting others to be the face of some of his more serious workings.

Now, just so everyone knows, I contacted Mr. Zubairi in relation to this matter but, alas he never responded. While there is nothing in black and white, some folks said some fairly nasty and negative things about Zubairi, and I’d hoped to get his take on a few of them.

Zubairi has been described by a number of sources as being a “troublemaker” with one adding that “those in the Montgomery County GOP have been trying to shove him out of the picture for years.”

Now, I remember Mr. Zubairi from back in the Ehrlich-Gubernatorial days. Though I’d met him I didn’t really know him. He struck me as an edgy guy who the former Governor had tapped to serve on Homeland Security…which prompted a rather humorous question from one of my sources: “Was Bob (Ehrlich) on crack the day he put Zubairi on MD homeland security?” > For the record, I have no idea… ; ) <

Anyway, my sources in Montgomery County are of the opinion that Dan Zubairi has struck up the band to raise hell and protest. I’ve been told he is going around calling the GOP Anti-Muslim because the CCWRC [Chevy Chase Womens Republican Club] invited Fred Grandy to speak. If true, why? What, really, is the big deal with Fred Grandy speaking?

Good questions Mr. Steffen:

So, to all of my Muslim friends, if you have nothing to fear – why protest? If Grandy’s nuts, gone off his rocker, people will know it by what he says. On the other hand, if Grandy plans on speaking about Islamic Extremism and its threat to America…well, wouldn’t mainstream Muslims want that differentiation to be made?

There is more on Zubairi here in 2008.  A McCain activist he claims the campaign shut him up when he wanted to talk to CNN about anti-Muslim protesters he encountered in Virginia.  Here is another version of the story.

That letter attempting to silence the Grandys came back to haunt Leggett this week when he was confronted by Montgomery County Resident, Catherine Trauernicht.

In an opinion piece published in the Chevy Chase Patch, Trauernicht said the following about her questions to Leggett at a recent public forum.  (Emphasis mine)

Evidently, Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett believes he has political authority to pressure private citizens about speakers they may invite to a private meeting.

At a recent public forum, I asked Mr. Leggett what constitutional or statutory authority he had, as Montgomery County Executive, to question a private citizen’s right to select a speaker for a private meeting. He replied that he had no such legal authority, and seemed confused as to why I asked the question.

I reminded the County Executive that his name recently appeared at the top of a list of 22 Maryland elected officials who ostensibly signed a letter condemning a local Republican Women’s Club for inviting Fred Grandy to speak to its members about Sharia law. (I say “ostensibly” because none of the signatories I asked could produce a signed letter.)

Leggett then recalled the circumstances, and said it was a “political” decision he made to join the condemnation of the private gathering. Wondering where his action leaves private citizens planning their next meetings, I asked if he would give guidelines as to who would be appropriate speakers. He declined.

Given Leggett’s response, it’s not unreasonable to assume that the 21 other elected officials who signed the letter did so for “political” reasons, too. They include the MD Senate Majority Leader, House of Delegates Majority Leader, and various other Senators, Delegates, and Montgomery County Council Members—all Democrats.

Private citizens, take note! You could be the next target of political condemnation for inviting someone to speak in your home or at another private meeting. Never mind that this violates your Freedom of Speech and your Freedom to Assemble Peaceably. Never mind that all the office holders who signed the letter took an oath to uphold the U.S. and Maryland Constitutions protecting these Freedoms. Never mind what history tells us about political figures who deny these Freedoms to private citizens. Never mind?



  1. Clearly we are not exercising our rights enough! We shouldn’t have to ‘hide’ to express our rights. By ‘hiding’ and not being open about any meetings is acquiescing and the attackers have accomplished a small victory. Let them keep telling us that we can’t express our rights and it will backfire on them!

    If we keep acquiescing to encroachments of our rights, we slowly lose them bit by bit as history has shown us. Perhaps if there are fears of disenfranchising the public, then these meetings should be done outside of the party.


  2. Do you know why the Democrats sent those letters? Because they realize how incredibly bad we look so they’re trying to take advantage of chasing after voting segments. It’s bad enough we kick out the Howie Dennis’ of the party saying they’re not Republican enough, but now we chase after the grassroots activists because they profess one different belief than us? We’re our own worst enemy. And it’s sad.

    • Sorry, what you are saying isn’t clear….please explain to our readers. Who is chasing after the grassroots activists? And, for which belief?

  3. memo to “mattsozo”

    If Howie Denis has been “kicked out of the party” how come he is working as a lawyer for the House Government Oversight & Reform Committee investigating the corruption of the Obama Administration?

    Or that Howie and his wife were at the Grandy fundraiser?

  4. I had to read about this story again after the horrible attack on the US Consulate in Libya on September 11, 2012. All people should peaceably be able to practice their faith. In the U.S. (Maryland is NOT an exception), free speech is also a right. Shame on all those who signed that letter and put your political opinions above the rights which you defend in your job of public service.

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