Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 29, 2011

ICE rounding them up in Maryland and nationwide

Just came across this bit of news [LOL! At Casa de Maryland’s website] from yesterday.  Obama promised he would start rounding up the illegal immigrant bad guys and his Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency began doing just that a couple of weeks ago.  Nearly 3000 criminal aliens have been taken into custody nationwide—44 in Maryland—a drop in the bucket and clearly a political move to show the administration isn’t completely “welcoming” to the illegal onslaught.

From CBS Baltimore:

WASHINGTON (WJZ) — Dozens of wanted criminals are off the streets. Immigration officers targeted fugitives in the country illegally in a nationwide sweep.

[watch the news clip]

Authorities say these arrests take nearly 3,000 illegal criminals off the streets.

Immigration officials provided WJZ with video of illegal immigrant criminals being busted in Baltimore. It’s a scene that was repeated in cities across the country. Since Sept.17, 2,901 illegal immigrants have been arrested.

“The results are impressive. In the space of seven days, we arrested 2,901 criminal offenders from 115 different countries,” said ICE Director John Morton.  [Looks like there is lots of diversity among the criminals, they are not just Hispanics!—ed]


The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency says it’s making good on a promise that President Barack Obama made to crack down on criminal illegal immigration. In Maryland, eight jurisdictions were affected. Anne Arundel, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Cecil, Frederick, Howard, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties all saw arrests.

“More than 1,600 of the individuals we arrested…had one or more felony convictions…such as attempted murder, kidnapping, rape and aggravated assault,” Morton said.

A total of 44 arrests were made in Maryland. ICE says 22 of the suspects had felony convictions and two were convicted sex offenders.

Only 997,000 + illegal alien criminal offenders to go! Wow!



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