Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 27, 2011

For a little comic relief….

….watch this Saturday Night Live spoof of the FoxNews/Google Republican debate from last week.

Herman Cain said he loved the skit and might borrow from actor Kenan Thompson’s line:

And if “Cain versus more of the same” doesn’t fly, Cain said he’s going to borrow from the season opener of “Saturday Night Live,” in which comedian Kenan Thompson played Cain’s character in a mock debate and suggested that Cain’s pizza mogul background will serve him well as a presidential contender.

“When you ask for it, pizza will be there in 10 minutes,” Thompson said trying to adopt Cain’s Georgia-drawn cadence.

“If you order it, pizza will come, pizza will come, oh, pizza will most definitely come. And if you vote for me, America, I promise you that I will deliver.”

“I think that’s great,” Cain said, laughing. “I’m going to use that in my next debate. ‘If you vote for me America, I will deliver.’ That’s what people are hearing.”

It occurred to me watching this bit at SNL that one thing that was wrong with the Bush White House and is wrong with Obama’s White House is that they both lack humor.  Granted our national issues are very serious ones, but we need a little humor once in awhile and maybe that is one element of the Reagan years—his cheerfulness—that made us feel so hopeful about our futures.

I see that comedian Dennis Miller has endorsed Cain.  Hmmm…..

Update:  Herman Cain rises to the top in latest Zogby poll, here.  My guess is that voters are completely fed up with the professional politicians.  And, he! he! he!  Guess this will put to rest the whole notion that skin color matters to most of us.  Morgan Freeman can go back to acting!



  1. Please remember that Cains plan will raise taxes on many in this country. I see a 9% corporate rate as a huge improvement to our current code. But currently 50% of the population are lucky enough not to pay any income tax and now he wants to add 9% on them. The income tax is one of the most vicious and unjust taxes by allowing the government to decide how much of the fruits of our labor we are allowed to keep. He also wants to add a 9% national sales tax on top of our current 6% state sales tax. So on 50% of the country (consisting of the poor and middle class) they will see a minimum of a 18% increase in their tax burden. The theory is that the corporate tax reduction will lower the cost of goods and services. The theory of welfare was to help the poor, so Washington doesn’t work in theoretical terms. Instead of finding ways to fund the current size of the federal government we should be looking for ways to reduce its size and to empower both state and local governments where it will be easier to hold them accountable. Please take the time to look at Ron Paul, he will become electable when we quit saying he is not.

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