Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 26, 2011

A story of camels’ noses, tents and Shariah law

Ken Timmerman writing today at Frontpage magazine brings us more information on David Ramadan a candidate for Delegate in the state of Virginia.  Here is how well-known author and Middle East expert Timmerman begins his article entitled, Grover Norquist’s New Muslim Protege’ (Hat tip:  Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum) :

“To illustrate the danger of the first approach of evil habit, the Arabs have a proverb, ‘Beware of the camel’s nose,’” wrote 19th century British author, Lydia Sigourney.

Why? Because once the camel gets its nose inside the tent, his body will soon follow. And once the camel gets inside the tent, the former occupants face a choice: leave the tent, or lie down in the camel’s bed.

The Republican primary victory of Imad Afif “David” Ramadan in the 87th legislative district in Virginia on Aug. 23 reminds me of this Arab proverb – not because Ramadan is the camel’s nose. If anything, he is the camel’s tail.

Imad Ramadan is just the latest of a series of Muslim protégés discovered and promoted by Republican activist Grover Norquist, the man whose vicious personal attacks on conservative Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma over ethanol subsidies earlier this year (Norquist favored the corporate hand-outs; Coburn opposed them) prompted Coburn’s chief of staff to respond that Norquist has become the “chief cleric of sharia tax law.”

What’s wrong with Muslims running for public office or assuming prominent positions in the conservative movement? Nothing at all – as long as they are clear about the primacy of the U.S. Constitution over Koranic (or Sharia) law.

Where does Imad Afif “David” Ramadan stand on this crucial question? The answer is – well, unclear. And that’s when the camel begins to spit.

Read on, this is a very informative piece with important links to further information.

For more on tax guru Norquist see our archive of previous posts on Norquist here.  See especially this post in which we report on Norquist calling anyone who questions whether Shariah law is compatible with the US Constitution “Islamophobic!”

Endnote:  I’m seeing a lot of searches ending here at PTPR where those googling are looking for Norquist+Tea party+Islam.  Let me be clear—-Tea Partiers do not believe he is one of us!


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