Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 24, 2011

Illegal Salvadoran could be deported before her discrimination case is heard

This is not new news for anyone following the issues relating to illegal immigration in Maryland, but I thought I should post it just so it’s not lost in the flood of news on immigration these days.  [And, for all I know her deportation may have already been delayed since this news story came out on Wednesday.]

You can be sure that Open borders activists in the heavily Salvadoran* Hispanic community in Maryland brought this case because they would like nothing better than to kill the 287g program in Frederick County.

Here is the story from AP a couple of days ago:

HAGERSTOWN, Md. — A looming deportation order could complicate a Salvadoran woman’s federal lawsuit alleging race discrimination by two Frederick County sheriff’s deputies, a Latino civil-rights group said Wednesday.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency plans to deport Roxana Orellana Santos Sept. 30, Casa de Maryland said. That’s four weeks before an Oct. 28 court date for oral arguments on whether her case should go to trial.

“Without her here it is going to create some difficulties and some problems,” Casa de Maryland attorney Zorayda Moreria-Smith said. The group is helping Santos with her case.

Deportation wouldn’t render the case moot but it would complicate it because Santos’ lawyers would have to communicate with her in El Salvador, Moreria-Smith said.

Santos claims to have suffered discrimination in 2008 when deputies Jeffrey Openshaw and Kevin Lynch detained her for what they say was suspicious behavior when she tried to hide behind a shipping container after spotting them. A background check revealed Santos’ illegal immigration status and she was turned over to ICE.

Santos claims she was singled out because of her ethnic appearance while she peacefully ate her lunch outdoors. Her complaint, which also names the Frederick County Board of Commissioners, alleges the sheriff’s office overstepped its authority under an immigration enforcement program called 287(g) that trains local law officers to check the immigration status of those suspected of arrestable offenses.

Santos was neither arrested nor charged in the 2008 incident.

Local readers might wish to attend the Washington County Republican Club meeting this coming Wednesday evening to learn from Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins more about 287g and other LEGAL programs already in place to help discourage illegal immigration.

*We learned in June from reporter Alan Brody at the Gazette that the largest segment of the so-called Hispanic population in the DC/Maryland area is made up of Salvadorans.   This is because the Sanctuary Movement (discussed at length by Jim Simpson at AIM this week, here) that created CASA de Maryland brought the original Salvadorans here then they became a magnet for their fellow countrymen to follow.


One in three Hispanics in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area are of Salvadoran descent, more than double the size of any other Latino ethnic group, according to a new Pew Hispanic Center report.

Although Los Angeles has a larger number of Salvadoran residents — 414,000 — the D.C. area has the highest concentration of El Salvador natives as a percentage of its overall Hispanic population.



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  2. “Santos was singled out because of her appearance as she peacefully ate her lunch.” Not exactly, she was singled out because she was acting suspiciously while hiding behind a dumpster when the police showed up, there is a difference. And lo and behold, there was a reason she was hiding behind a dumpster. That being that she is in this country illegally. So, I’m not buying the: I was just eating my lunch defense.
    I agree with Frederick County’s position on illegals. Keep up the good work!

  3. […] told you about this case the other day, here.  The illegal Salvadoran was stopped and questioned by Sheriff’s deputies in Frederick County […]

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