Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 24, 2011

Hey Joey, we aren’t like you

Here we go again, Joey (the silencer) Sandler suggests that cheating got MD Petitions over the hump in the petition drive for a referendum to allow voters to decide if illegal aliens’ “kids” should be supported in their college educations by the taxpayers of Maryland.  One thing the hard Left doesn’t get is—-we aren’t like them!   Volunteers worked long and hard to get those signatures and didn’t need to resort to sleazy tricks.  Voters were eager to sign!

As readers know, Judicial Watch has intervened in the case by hot shot Democrat lawyer Sandler representing CASA de Maryland against the State Board of Elections.   Sandler (a Democrat party godfather and kingmaker for his boy O’Malley) doesn’t want the voters to decide, so they are doing everything in their power to keep the referendum off the ballot.  And, they can’t believe that over 100,000 Marylanders representing Republicans, Independents, and Democrats signed the petition fair and square!

Here is Sandler quoted in the Gazette yesterday:

Joseph E. Sandler, a lawyer for Casa, has said that more than half of about 109,000 signatures deemed valid by the elections board should be dismissed because the computer-based process made it easy to import voter information and forge signatures.

Maybe that is how Sandler would operate—with forged signatures—so he thinks conservatives would do the same!  No need to resort to cheating, people were all too happy to sign!

For more on Sandler, visit our whole category on him here.


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