Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 24, 2011

Cain victory in Florida straw poll signals race is still wide open

Despite the mainstream media’s efforts to depict the Republican primary as a two-man race between Governor Perry and former Governor Romney, businessman Herman Cain’s whopping victory in Florida today sends a message to the media—we voters will decide who we like!

The story is here at Gateway Pundit where blogger Jim Hoft threw in this little line at the end of his post:

Evidently, Florida Republicans don’t like to be told they “don’t have a heart” if they don’t want to pay tuition for illegal aliens.

Marylanders and Floridians think a lot alike on that one!



  1. I’ve said all along that the MSN is trying to convince us that its either Romney or Perry, no one else has a chance, because that is who they want to win (progressive republicans.)
    While watching the republican debate (Fox-Google,) I noticed something (don’t take my word for it, go back and watch and see,) Newt Gingritch (Sp?), Mitt Romney, and one more, i don’t recall which, I think it may have been Santorum, but i know there were three that said: “I agree with Congresswoman Bachmann on this.” My theory is that if everyone agrees with Congresswoman Bachmann, why should we not vote for Bachmann. Even the other candidates see that she is getting it right, and they are signing on in an attempt to move the TEA party and independants over to themselves. In other words, if I agree with Bachmann, I can steal her votes.
    I disagree with Perry on immigration, the very thing that we are fighting here in maryland, and I disagree with Romney on healthcare, which is, essentially, the model for obamacare. I agree with Bachmann’s stance on both issues.

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