Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 22, 2011

We are all “coupon-clippers” now

It surely didn’t start with James Carville of the hard (elitist) Left calling certain people “trailer trash,” or later “soccer moms”, and it didn’t end with the left calling Tea Party people a vile sexually explicit name, but surely this tops the cake in the silly category.

Yesterday, I heard Chris Matthews with his characteristic sneer (remember I said I watch a little MSNBC now to see what they are saying) helping Obama build a class warfare theme by referring to middle class people who weren’t going along with the Obama economic plan (nor are they using food stamps!) as “coupon-clippers.”   Huh?  Some of my best friends are coupon-clippers and I admire their ability to save a buck!

So where is Matthew’s bigotry coming from?

I did a little looking around and since I’m not a big TV watcher I didn’t know about a TV show that aired last April about coupon-clippers.  Here is a bit to tell you where Matthews bigotry toward coupon-clippers might come from.

From NewsBusters:

On the surface, TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” — premiering tonight at 9:30 p.m. EDT — may look to you and me like an innocently voyeuristic look into the lives of fellow Americans who take penny-pinching to the extreme, saving at times hundreds of dollars on grocery store runs.

But that’s why we’re not TV critics for a liberal metropolitan newspaper.

Washington Post’s Hank Stuever worked in a healthy share of left-wing grousing about capitalism and insisted that the coupon-clippers highlighted by the program were insufferably selfish souls.

“Little piggies go to market, and clean up on Aisle 5,” the article’s online headline snarked.

Read it all, the Washington Post even goes on to report that some of the “coupon-clippers” are fat.  Just imagine the hue and cry if someone should report that some food stamp users are fat!

So, for the oh-so-smart class like Chris Matthews, the folks who take time to find bargains, clip coupons and save money are selfish and as such are now targets of derision.



  1. This is bizarre. “Coupon clippers” used to be a leftist term for to rich people who lived by their investments. The online Merriam Webster dictionary says a coupon clipper is:

    “a wealthy and idle person whose chief labor is clipping and cashing bond coupons”

    It’s like the shell of leftism remains in their catch-phrases but they’ve forgotten the meaning. They know coupon clippers are bad, so they have to apply the term to people who are trying to save money on their grocery bills. They can’t even be proper leftists!

    • That would surely make more sense but he seemed to be denigrating Tea Party types who populate the heartland. Most people (including me!) have never had any experience with the “coupon-clipping” of the rich and the term would thus be meaningless to the majority of the viewers of MSNBC today who I am guessing are younger than you and Matthews!

      But I could be wrong!

  2. Or maybe I’m wrong and Chris Matthews was using the term correctly. He would be implying that only rich people who don’t work oppose Obama’s plan. That’s just as dumb, of course. At least his leftist credentials would be redeemed; he is guilty only of using a term that nobody understands (except old ex-leftists like me).

    • LOL! And, it’s funny too because if he means the old Leftie “coupon-clipper” who is rich, then he insults the majority of viewers who might just be middle class clippers of grocery coupons and not have a clue (like me) that the phrase has another meaning. Keep it up Chris!

  3. Ah yes, Chris Mathews, who gets tingles up his leg. It amazes me how the elite lefties have the ability to leave no stone unturned. You see, taking advantage of coupons is equivalent to capitalism to these people, and we all know how evil that is, right? How anyone can take these people seriously is beyond my comprehension.

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