Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 22, 2011

Rick Perry’s new pal—Governor Martin O’Malley

Here is a story I missed when I was away recently—Martin O’Malley praised Perry for supporting instate tuition for illegal aliens in Texas.

From the Baltimore Sun blog (emphasis mine):

Arguing that both political parties need to create a “new narrative” as the nation heads into a polarizing 2012 presidential election, Gov. Martin O’Malley said Thursday that none of the leading GOP candidates have “offered policies that are terribly different than the ones that got us into this mess” and he predicted that President Barack Obama would be reelected despite sagging poll numbers.

Speaking to a regular breakfast gathering of political reporters in Washington, O’Malley also offered sly praise for the leading GOP presidential candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, for supporting a 2001 law in Texas that permits some illegal immigrants to attend college at in-state tuition rates. The law, similar to one passed in Maryland this year, has recently been used against Perry by his Republican opponents.

“One thing I do like about Perry — I do like the fact that he recognizes that fair is fair and if a family’s paying in-state taxes, they should pay in-state tuition,” the Maryland Democrat said at the breakfast, hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. “I think he’s right in making that assertion… Just because Congress can’t get things done and just because we can’t overcome our current affliction of xenophobia and have a rational immigration policy again, is no reason to condemn hardworking kids.”

In the Republican presidential debate on Monday, Perry defended the Texas law against former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who vetoed a similar proposal in 2004. “I’m proud that we are having those individuals be contributing members of our society, rather than telling them, ‘you go be on the government dole,’” Perry said during the debate.  [Isn’t subsidizing college educations for “kids” who can’t then legally work in the US part of the “government dole?”—ed]

Hang Obama around O’Malley’s neck!

Near the end of the piece we again see mentioned that O’Malley likely has Presidential aspirations himself.  I sure hope everyone is keeping every photo of  the cozy-looking duo—O’Malley and Obama—handy for 2016.

O’Malley has become increasingly more engaged in national politics since taking the chairmanship of the Democratic governors group, fueling long-held speculation that he has ambitions to run for president, possibly in 2016. Asked about the emerging field of GOP candidates for 2016, O’Malley said, “I’m not, as a Democrat, afraid of their bench.”

The governor declined to say whether he intends to face off against those potential candidates himself.

“I think we’ll probably just go to another question.”



  1. […] (Readers:  This is not pile-on-Perry day.  It just happened that I wrote the previous post and then found this in my in-box as soon as I had posted O’Malley’s pal Perry.) […]

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  4. […] Posted By Cecil Calvert on September 22, 2011 (Readers:  This is not pile-on-Perry day.  It just happened that I wrote the previous post and then found this in my in-box as soon as I had posted O’Malley’s pal Perry.) […]

  5. Your grip of the law is ignorant at best. First of all, here’s a review of what the law actually entails.

    Texas law permits a child who has lived in the state of Texas for at least three years and graduated from a state high school to qualify for in-state tuition at a Texas college or university, on the condition that the child agrees to pursue full citizenship.

    BTW, anyone who moves to Texas from out of state must reside here for three years to qualify for instate tuition.

    The person is a legal citizen and has followed the legal channels to become a citizen.

    These children are not breaking the law. I support these children getting their citizenship by proving they would make good citizens. People who are heartless xenophobes need to shush. Are you aware that illegals can earn their citizenship by serving in our military? And a kid obtaing a college degree through hardwork and perseverence does not deserve anything from you? Even if they are applying for citizenship through the proper channels? I am guessing you would rather them not succeed and remain dependant on the state forever. Which means they do not have any incentive to follow the law, and we reward more failure instead of success.

    I want a president that rewards sucess.

    • We need to “shush!” You seem rather ignorant of the law, thank God, we have free speech in America. It’s been part of our law since the founding fathers understood its importance to keep tyranny at bay. And, by the way, other than the military option at this point in time there is no path to citizenship for illegal aliens. Or, LOL!, they get to college and find an American citizen to marry. Maybe I’m ignorant there too, can you tell me how a person who arrived here illegally can apply for citizenship through “proper channels” at this point in time? That is what the amnesty fight is all about.

  6. […] has national significance (we know that!).  We saw the uproar when the general public learned of Gov. Rick Perry’s support of the Dream Act.  And, that is why the Democrat Party brought in big shot lawyer, Joseph E. Sandler to sue the […]

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