Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 16, 2011

If Obama is depressed, here (surely!) is one reason why

…..that is, besides something being up with Michelle!

Yesterday Judy sent me this little piece from the Gawker about speculation at the New York Times (yes the NYT!) that Obama is depressed.   Here is a little bit of the “rumor”:

….the investigation was described to us as taking seriously the notion that Obama may be suffering from a depressive episode. Of course, absent a telltale Wellbutrin prescription or testimony from the man himself, it’s really impossible to achieve a reliable diagnosis. And a story like “Obama Appears to Suffer From Depression” can be easily downgraded to “Political Travails Begin to Take Personal Toll on Obama.” So the story in question, if it ever comes out, may not end up supporting the depression thesis. But rest assured: There are people at the Times who, based on the paper’s reporting, believe Obama is depressed—the kind of depression where, if he weren’t the president of the United States, he wouldn’t be getting out of bed in the morning.

Now here comes one reason why he might be in a “depressive episode!”

A new book by a Wall Street Journal reporter Ron Suskind is coming out that says his Economic team has been a nightmare all around—a backbiting bunch of incompetent, indecisive, “imperious” men (who left the women advisers on the sidelines).

The New York Times (again) tells us something negative about President Obama, here, by even reporting on ‘Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President’:

WASHINGTON — A new book claims that President Obama’s response to the economic crisis was hampered by a White House economic staff plagued by internal rivalries, a domineering chief adviser and a Treasury secretary who dragged his feet on enforcing decisions with which he disagreed.

The book, by Ron Suskind, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, quotes White House documents that say Mr. Obama’s decisions were routinely “re-litigated” by the chairman of the National Economic Council, Lawrence H. Summers. Some decisions, including one to overhaul the debt-ridden Citibank, were carried out sluggishly or not at all by a resistant Treasury secretary, Timothy F. Geithner, according to the book.

Read it all (the book too! It sounds like a really enlightening read).

Incidentally, I’ve taken to watching MSNBC.  Besides being sick of O’Reilly and the Fox gang, watching MSNBC is more informative about what is going on on the political Left.  They (the Leftwing) seem to be lashing out as chaos sets in.  Although they haven’t gone so far as to speculate on Obama’s mental state (or at least not that I’ve seen) and I doubt Suskind will be interviewed any time soon by Chris Matthews or unabashed socialist Lawrence O’Donnell, but if it’s true that the NYT leads the news on the political Left we may well soon see a shift in reporting at MSNBC.   Could the NYT be softening up the public for someone to come along and challenge Obama for the nomination—Hillary maybe?   After all, they made Obama, they can break him too.

Update:  Judy sent me this just now from Allahpundit speculating along these same lines—Dems getting ready to “retire” Obama?

Update #2:  The Solyndra scandal all by itself could cause a depressive episode.  I wonder if Van Jones or Jones friends at the Sierra Club had any involvement in this rip-off of the US taxpayer, does anyone know?

Update #3:  We haven’t seen hide-nor-hair of Clintonista James Carville lately, but now he is out there criticizing the White House too—time for the Wellbutrin?  Then, bring on Hillary.



  1. Here’s what I think: If you think that the election of last November
    was a blood bath for the left, you ain’t seen nothin yet! I do not
    believe that Barrack Obama is re-electable, I assume the left
    knows that also. It would not surprise me if they are, and will continue,
    to pave the way for a democratic challenge.
    In reality, I don’t care what they do. Here is what I see the news
    media doing, They’re all touting the same theme: jobs, economy,
    debt, etc. What I think is going on is that they know a republican is
    going to win, and now they are working real hard to make sure
    that its the republican that they want, Perry or Romney for example.
    Perry with his attitude toward immigration, or Romney with his
    What I believe they are trying to sweep under the rug and hide is
    the fact that this upcoming election is about way more than just
    the economy. Its about freedom, its about liberty, its about the gov.
    telling us what kind of light bulbs we need to use, etc. etc.
    I pray, and sincerely hope that the American people can see through this ruse.

  2. […] Yesterday I reported the improbable news that the New York Times (of all places) is questioning Obama (his sanity even!).  A week ago, I reported on a New York Times opinion piece favorable to Sarah Palin (gee, she has a mind afterall!).  Now, I see that Politico is bringing to our attention that the media view of Palin seems to be shifting ever so slightly. […]

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