Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 10, 2011

Reader Greg gets it! 501(c)3s are our undoing

In response to my post yesterday on the Latino Economic Development Corp. reader Greg sent this comment below. I think he is right on the money with this—I’ve thought this for years (ever since I started following LEGAL immigration programs and groups).

Most people don’t understand that GOVERNMENT (taxpayer-funded) supposed non-profits (501(c)3 charitable organizations) have become the vehicle for the hard left to push their agenda in every area of our lives, and the cruel irony is that we are paying for our own destruction.

Here is Greg and his “gut feeling:”

I would like to make a comment here, but I’m not exactly sure what that comment would be. I have a gut feeling that, if we could, eliminate 503(C) tax exempt organizations that depend on tax payer money, we could cure a whole lot of what is wrong with America. I do not mean that we taxpayers give our money to these organizations (though we can if we choose,) I mean our government giving these orgs. our tax money, unbeknownst to we, the tax payer.

Did you write a check to “The Latino Economic Developement Corp.”?

Probably not, but your tax dollars went there anyway.

In my opinion, 503 C’s, yes there are some good ones, but I suspect most are sucking your tax dollars away to promote a political agenda. An agenda that you do not support. Not for me to decide, look into it and make your own decision.

As for the “good” 501(c)3s, it’s my opinion that the method to the madness is that in exchange for “tax exempt” donations people doing good works must relinquish to the government every bit of information about money they raise, who it comes from, and where they spend their money.  So, donors get a tax break, the government gets to say what is and what is not “good works,” and we give away our privacy.

Greg on a different subject…..

We don’t get many comments, but if you read them, you know that Greg is a regular commenter and always has something useful and creative to add—often something I hadn’t thought of!  Below is another spot-on comment from Greg last night about that video game “Kill the Tea Party zombies.”


Before you let little Johnny play the “Kill a TEA party person” game, Please make sure that little Johnny understands that TEA party people own guns too, and we actually know how to use them.


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