Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 10, 2011

More on silencing the Grandys

Last month, I told you (here) that a former Montgomery County delegate, Saqib Ali, was trying to get a Maryland Republican womens group to dis-invite Fred Grandy and his wife Catherine from a speaking engagement on the subject of Shariah law and Islamic supremacy.

It turns out that this is part of a pattern of intimidation against the Grandys as reported by Richard Falknor yesterday at Blue Ridge Forum, here. Falknor quotes from the Grandy’s own website, here, where ‘Mrs. Fred’ tells readers about being told they couldn’t speak at a Republican Womens Club in Virginia and then she goes on to say:

I do not profess to understand the inner machinations of the Virginia Republican Party but I can tell you this controversy has already created a split within the women’s clubs up and down the state. Indeed, a coalition of frustrated Republican women in Northern Virginia have already formed a splinter organization called No Sharia Law In America and are working tirelessly with us and the Center for Security policy to get our message out.

And now things are beginning to heat up in Maryland. An event we have planned for a GOP gathering in Chevy Chase in September has evidently drawn a protest threat by a former Democratic delegate of the Maryland General Assembly who has a group of protestors ready to picket the event in an attempt to block this “hate speech” from being heard. A counter protest is being organized in our behalf.

Mrs. Fred also mentioned something I know a little about—the growing political clout of Somalis in Minnesota.

….Fred learned that a speech he had booked six months before for the Minnesota Treasury Management Association* was summarily cancelled because certain groups in the Twin Cities felt his mere presence there might incite violence. For more on this check out his Daily Caller column entitled, “Gopher the Infidel.” By the way, the speech to the Minnesota group was on volunteerism and community service with a healthy dose of Love Boat anecdotes woven in to lighten the message – clearly, inflammatory stuff. The fact that Minneapolis and St Paul now have roughly 100,000 Somali immigrants and according to Rep. Peter King, are fertile ground for Al-Shabbab jihadist recruitment is probably irrelevant, right?

We don’t see it in Maryland so much, but to understand how the growing population of Somali Muslims in some US cities (especially Minneapolis) came about, visit this post I wrote in 2008 that has garnered 17,270 views to date and continues to be one of the most widely read posts at RRW.

Addendum:  I should have thought of this January 2011 post also at RRW, Why so many Somalis in Minneapolis? when I wrote this post earlier today.  (It has received 1,792 hits since it was posted—people want to know!).

* LOL! I bet if someone did some digging, you would find out that this “treasury management” association is involved with Shariah finance in some way.  If you are new to the whole concept of Shariah you need to know that since Muslims are forbidden to borrow money where interest is involved, financial institutions all over the world are bending over backwards to accommodate Muslims with special financing deals.



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