Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 9, 2011

NYT publishes something positive on Sarah Palin

Update:  Readers!  Some have reported that the NYT link will not open, if you have a problem, let me know at and I’ll forward the text to you.

You could blow me over with a feather—the NYT publishes an opinion piece that comes closer than anything I’ve ever read in a mainstream publication about what truly (in my opinion) is dividing America.  Of course Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum made some of the same points here, but the ‘old gray lady’ giving some column inches and thus some credence to Palin’s ideas is quite something!

From Anand Giridharadas in the NEW YORK TIMES (can you believe it!):

…something curious happened when Ms. Palin strode onto the stage last weekend at a Tea Party event in Indianola, Iowa. Along with her familiar and predictable swipes at President Barack Obama and the “far left,” she delivered a devastating indictment of the entire U.S. political establishment — left, right and center — and pointed toward a way of transcending the presently unbridgeable political divide.

Three main points:

She made three interlocking points. First, that the United States is now governed by a “permanent political class,” drawn from both parties, that is increasingly cut off from the concerns of regular people. Second, that these Republicans and Democrats have allied with big business to mutual advantage to create what she called “corporate crony capitalism.” Third, that the real political divide in the United States may no longer be between friends and foes of Big Government, but between friends and foes of vast, remote, unaccountable institutions (both public and private).

“She did just get more interesting!”

On one side would be those Americans who believe in the power of vast, well-developed institutions like Goldman Sachs, the Teamsters Union, General Electric, Google* and the U.S. Department of Education to make the world better. On the other side would be people who believe that power, whether public or private, becomes corrupt and unresponsive the more remote and more anonymous it becomes; they would press to live in self-contained, self-governing enclaves that bear the burden of their own prosperity.

No one knows yet whether Ms. Palin will actually run for president. But she did just get more interesting.

Palin seems to be reading Angelo Codevilla.  I wonder if Katie Curic reads Codevilla, or the NYT for that matter.

*Endnote:  For readers who want to understand more, you might also read Jonah Goldberg’s ‘Liberal Fascism’  in which he describes “corporatism” where big business (eg. General Electric, Google) is in collusion with big government (eg. Obama) and even with big Labor to out-compete small businesses.



  1. I believe I mentioned in a previous post that neither big business, nor organized labor are on the side of the American people. What Palin just said, and Giridharadas translated, is what I meant. There is a class of politician out there that we can’t seem to escape, we’re always left with voting for the lesser of the evils. We need to change this America, and we can, TEA Party…STAY STRONG!

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