Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 7, 2011

Soros: Never let a good crisis go to waste

Where did we hear that before—-oh, yes, Obama’s chief advisor in his first years in the White House—Rahm Emanuel.

It seems all these members of the Hard Left have latched on to the notion (strategy!) of creating chaos to bring on the revolutionary change they so desire.  Drudge has a headline from the New York Times this morning about Soros’ warning on the European banking crisis.  Here is what he says,

“This crisis has the potential to be a lot worse than Lehman Brothers,” said George Soros, the hedge fund investor, citing the lack of an authoritative pan-European body to handle a banking crisis of this severity. “That is why the problem is so serious. You need a crisis to create the political will for Europe to create such an authority, but there is still no understanding as to what the authority will do.”  [But maybe let, George Megalomaniac Soros be in charge and he will tell you!—ed]

Do you think there is a chance that Soros is behind the scenes helping the crisis along?  I do.

Lesson for us, stay calm (even as Obama and his buddies lead us from “crisis” to new “crisis”) and let us turn swiftly and sharply from following the European model.

Europe’s problems stem from sovereign countries’ lemming-like march toward a socialist continent of unsustainable cradle to grave welfare, their drift toward downright laziness (witness those famous month-long summer vacations), and their indiscriminate importation of cheap laborers who have now turned on them in angry uprisings from Muslim ‘no-go zone’ ghettos.

We don’t have to follow the European death-wish model—don’t let Soros and the boys push us to crisis and chaos.  People don’t have uprisings nor foment revolution in Norman Rockwell-like towns—get your house in order and help hold your own community together.  And, most definitely, don’t fall into a crisis-generated panic, just put your head down and head into the whirlwind and stop it!  We are Americans after all, and we are different.

Endnote:  I do recommend a trip to Europe especially if you haven’t been—-to say good-bye to the great artwork of France (nude statues and paintings will someday be outlawed); cathedrals will become mosques; and the Oktoberfests in Germany (beer and brats!) will not be part of its future and will disappear; and those Irish dancers in their thigh high skirts will be no more.  I don’t see any way out for Europe unless ethnic French, Spanish, Germans and Brits get busy reproducing.


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