Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 5, 2011

There are two sides to the Rick Perry/Aga Khan controversy

I wasn’t going to get into this right now because I think we don’t know all the facts yet (or at least I don’t!). 

However, since some one of our Republican establishment is sending around the piece by Amil Imani in American Thinker defending Gov. Rick Perry’s close relationship with the Aga Khan and Texas’ use of a controversial Islamic curriculum in its school system, it is only fair that Marylanders realize there is a rebuttal of the Imani piece by Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch which deserves your attention.

Last time around many of us were pretty unhappy with our Republican Presidential candidate John McCain, so I suggest everyone should do their own careful homework on the candidates this time.  Study the issues, listen to the candidates, look at their records and read information (both pro and con) about them.  It’s early, no one has to jump on any bandwagon yet!

Although it does appear that Bob Ehrlich’s money man has jumped on the Perry bandwagon.



  1. If anyone of us aren’t doing our homework we’re letting everyone else down. We have the internet so there’s no excuse not to.

    Know Your Frequency

  2. We all fought Bush, McCain, Kennedy, Pelosi and Reid over their Shamnesty bill (and we nearly lost) so, why would we even think about nominating Perry?

    Rick Perry AGREES with Obama: Open Borders for America!

    Rick Perry thanked by Vicente Fox for Illegals In-State Tuition (TX Dream Act)

    Rick Perry plays the race card on Tancredo

    Does GOP want Perrys DREAM act too?

    Rick Perry’s Crony Capitalism Problem

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