Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 5, 2011

Labor Day greetings! Is Gustavo off to Egypt this month with Wade and the boys?

[This is cross-posted from Refugee Resettlement Watch]

You all know who Wade Rathke is right?  He’s the founder of ACORN and the SEIU, but he’s got a new gig—the Organizers Forum—and they are organizing their great Egyptian adventure this month where they plan to tell those Muslim Brotherhood guys how to community-organize American style.

Here is what they say about their upcoming trip:

Our fall 2011 International Dialogue will be located in Egypt where we will meet with labor and community organizers and other activists in Cairo.  There are exciting changes and developments that are currently taking place in Egypt with elections coming soon to determine leadership transitions in what has been an autocratic regime, now challenged by the Muslim Brotherhood and succession and democracy issues.  The trip is still in the planning stages, and we will post updates as soon as we have them.

We plan to travel with approximately 15-20 participants, and we will strive to have a mix of both community and labor organizers/leaders from a variety of community organizations and unions.  We look for participants to meet in Cairo, pay their own travel and visa costs in addition to a program fee. The Organizers Forum will pay for food, lodging, and ground transportation.  And, yes, though we are only planning to spend time in one city on this dialogue, we will see the Pyramids! [oh, yippee!]

I’m wondering if they could pop on over to Libya and get Obama’s rebel “freedom fighters” minds right on their treatment of black migrant workers.

So, why am I writing about Wade and the boys here at PTPR (and at RRW)?  Because two prominent leaders of the immigrant and refugee activist movement in the US are on the Board of Directors* of the Organizers ForumGustavo Torres of CASA de Maryland and Joshua Hoyt of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR).  I told you about them here and here.

[LOL! in 2010 Hoyt organized a sit-in in Michael Steele’s RNC office and got this concession from Steele on illegal immigrant amnesty!]

Both of those organizations (CASA and ICIRR) are heavily funded with US tax dollars—don’t they have enough to do right here in the US?  Or, are they more interested in the One World Communist Labor movement—hey Wade! good luck with those Muslim Brotherhood folks, I think they have an Islamic Shariah-governed Caliphate in mind not a Communist utopia.

* Note that Torres has no bio listed on the Organizers Forum—you would think his Sandinista Commie-connections would be a plus with this gang.

Readers, I am making a new category specifically for CASA de Maryland.  I should have done it a long time ago.  It will take me a little time to put the many posts I’ve written on them into one category.  In the meantime, use PTPR’s search function to learn more about Maryland’s preeminent organization for illegal aliens.



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