Posted by: Ann Corcoran | September 3, 2011

Remember that ‘diversity is beautiful’ Maryland “One Book!”

I told you about it here in 2010.  The Maryland Humanities Council spent $198,143 (tax dollars!) promoting the feel-good book “Outcasts United” as part of the “One Maryland, One Book” campaign to help you all get your minds right about the joys of multiculturalism.

The book is about a kid’s soccer team made up of refugees calling themselves the “fugees,” but its really about a town, Clarkston, GA which became a resettlement site for thousands of Somali refugees (and other refugees sent there by the US State Department) over the last decade.  The book tells us there were rough patches but now everything is sweetness and light as the youngsters overcame the odds and learned to overcome the prejudices evident in a small American southern town.

Maryland’s campaign to get everyone on the same page (so to speak) by reading this book was purely a propaganda ploy.

If you read the book (and felt all warm inside), here is an article to help balance your thinking on what is really happening in Clarkston, GA.

The graffiti-adorned sign and boarded-up guard shack at the entrance of Brannon Hill Condominiums are symbolic of the rest of the residential community just off of Memorial Drive near Clarkston.

Just past the entrance, rubble from a condominium building leveled by the community’s homeowners association in 2006 has weeds growing in it. Another building, devastated by a fire in May, is in need of demolition.

Scores of units have been uninhabitable for years and are boarded up. But in many of those condominiums, residents say the boards have been removed by homeless people seeking shelter.

One problem is the lack of money in the community, which is populated mostly by Somalian refugees. [BTW, we have admitted over 100,000 Somali Muslim refugees to the US in the last 30 years—ed.]

“There is very little income here,” said property manager Haji Said.

The 30-acre site in 1973 was once a vibrant community with 31 buildings, 368 residential units, a pool and two tennis courts.

Now, due to the cost of ongoing maintenance and liability insurance, the pool is filled in with grass growing on top. Grass-filled cracks cross the tennis courts—now converted to basketball courts surrounded by a rusty, dilapidated chain-link fence plagued by holes and weeds.


Crime is also a problem. The Crimetrac website, which has a link on the DeKalb Police Department’s website, lists 28 crimes in the community between February and August, including simple assault, armed robbery with a gun, car theft, possession of cocaine and loitering for drugs.

In May, a 17-year-old male, Mohamed Hussien, died after being shot while he and another man were walking between two buildings in the community.

Gunshots are common in Brannon Hill.

“We don’t have gates,” Said explained. “We don’t have security. We can’t afford security.”

The refugees want the county government to save them.  I recommend they contact the US State Department and see if Obama has any extra bucks in his “stash.”

I wonder will the Maryland Humanities Council do an update to the thousands of Maryland kids who read this book as part to the One Maryland, One Book mind-meld campaign?



  1. You know what? I read “Outcasts,” as part of the one book, one Maryland program. I doubt that my response was what was expected. I see the information on your blog today about Clarkston and can tell you it’s worse than that. A little research I did a few years back revealed an increase in the crime rate by 63%, gangs had formed (it seems that the resettlement folks do not understand that it is not a good idea to park Somalians an Tutzi’s (Sp?,) or say, Bosnians and Cerbs as neighbors Most of the long-time Georgians moved out, which explains the boarded up condos. Half the police force was fired and replaced with more tolerant, and understanding officers. Anyway, I don’t mean to ramble.
    A little later, I noticed a bunch of “President Bush- bashing books showing up for our county readership to enjoy(?) at the library: McClellan’s, “What Happened,” Woodward’s, “The War Within,” Clarke’s, “Your Government Failed You,” and Suskinds, “One Percent Solution.”
    Then, President Obama was elected. Malkin’s, “Culture of Corruption,” Beck’s,”Common Sense,” Morris’, “Catrastophe,” and Goldberg’s, “The Medias Slobering Love Affair with Barrack Obama,” was no where to be found in our library system. Hmmm! Could this be bias?
    I sent an Open Records Request to the library, requesting information on how, exactly, the library chooses the books that they provide in there collection. I received what I consider to be a CYA answer.
    Fast forward… A friend of mine at Hagerstown called me and informed me that I had them talking, she wouldn’t illaborate. However, I see that G. W. Bush’s book, along with Don Remsfeld’s book, and Dick Cheney’s book, are all available at the library now. I am not claiming responsibility, but it seems a more even playing field, at least.

    • Wow! I am really impressed. If every county in Maryland had a dozen Gregs they wouldn’t get away with all this PC nonsense.

  2. My apology to Don Rumsfeld for misspelling his name.

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