Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 28, 2011

CASA de Maryland is rolling in money….

….and lots of it is yours! 

In three short years CASA de Maryland has gone from a $6 million dollar a year outfit to a $12 million dollar a year money-making machine.

And, who knows how much they have gotten in the last year since their 2010 report was filed!

There is nothing new here for most political junkies following Maryland’s premier advocates for illegal immigration, but since I was looking up a few things I figured I would make some links available to you for your reading pleasure (well, not really pleasure!).

First, check out CASA’s most recent annual report posted at their website, here.   Click on the report and then scroll through the photos and the lovely verbiage about their ‘good works’ to the page with their financial breakdown.

Note that in 2010 they took in $12.3 million with just short of $5 million from government “contracts.”  The use of the word “contracts” here is a little misleading.  Govt. contracts implies they were hired to do various jobs for the government which I am sure is true.  But, technically they should be separating “contracts” from outright “grants” in their reporting.

BTW, CASA even gets funding from the IRS to teach immigrants how to fill out tax returns (what! so they can get their ‘earned income tax credit’!)

Most interesting are the pages that follow the financials—the donors.  Please go to the financial report and look down the list of businesses, foundations, churches* and individuals who donate to CASA.    A few of the dozens and dozens of businesses include Safeway, State Farm, Costco, Bank of America, PNC Bank, and many many more.  It is a veritable who’s who of those who support illegal immigrants in the state.

For those of you who really like numbers check out the last three Form 990’s from CASA de Maryland and note that in one recent year they hired a federal lobbyist to help them get your money from the feds (in addition to your money they already get from state and local governments).

Note:  Don’t be confused by the year in the right hand copy of the form.  Guidestar calls it 2008 because that is the year it is filed even though it covers half of 2007 and half of 2008.

Form 990 (filed in 2008), here.

Form 990 (filed in 2009), here.

Form 990 (filed in 2010), here.

Oh, one thing you may notice.  In 2008, government grant amounts were near the top on page 1, but the IRS changed the form (probably to hide from the public the taxpayer dollars going to non-profits) and the government grant amount is now on page 9.

* I previously listed the “faith groups” that donate and support CASA here.



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