Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 27, 2011

Gaffney: Center for American Progress defends Shariah law

Frank Gaffney this week charged John Podesta’s Center for American Progress with being the ringleader of the Shariah Defense Lobby in the US.  If you disagree with Podesta on the threat you are automatically an Islamophobe.

Read a little bit about the Center for American Progress (a George Soros creation) here at Discover the Networks before reading the press release from Gaffney and the Center for Security Policy below.  Remember too that Podesta also ran the Obama transition team in 2008—know the enemy!

Press release from Center for Security Policy:

WASHINGTON, DC – AUGUST 25, 2011: There they go again. This week, the Center for American Progress released “Fear, Inc.,” yet another report in the increasingly hysterical bullying campaign to shout down criticism of political Islamist efforts to influence American foreign and domestic policy. Their latest “copy and paste” effort duplicates large sections of five nearly identical “investigations” just this year, complaining that millions of concerned Americans are Islamophobes.

The primary organizations– what should be called the “Shariah Defense Lobby”— are the Center for American Progress/ThinkProgress, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) with support from a handful of other far-left or Islamist bloggers and Washington lobbyists.

The “Shariah Defense Lobby” whitewashes and protects political, legal, military and religious doctrines of Shariah law (Islamic law) from scrutiny. One of its major goals is to silence all criticism of Islamist aggression, jihadist violence, or Shariah violations of human rights and civil liberties.

Frank J. Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy, noted that:

The ‘Shariah Defense Lobby’ is in a race against time to hide the grim reality of Shariah law as it is actually enforced, as Islamist movements and political parties throughout the Arab world are aggressively seeking to govern by Shariah. Most significantly, the ‘Shariah Defense Lobby’ refuses to discuss a simple fact: secular and democratic activists in Egypt and elsewhere in the Muslim world oppose Shariah in their countries, just as Americans oppose it here.

The latest report also attacks venerable American family foundations for supporting educational efforts on national security and counter-terrorism. The funding sources of the “Shariah Defense Lobby” should be exposed to public scrutiny. For example, CAIR– an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror financing trial in American history– has reportedly received millions in foreign funding from Islamist contributors, including the Organization of Islamic Conference (aka Cooperation). This year, CAIR lost its nonprofit tax status because of its refusal to file tax forms that would have revealed its sources of funding.

In addition to CAIR’s foreign financing, this latest paper from the Center for American Progress reveals that the project depends on money from the Open Society Foundations, a funding vehicle of far-left billionaire George Soros. George Soros is chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC. He has amassed a personal fortune estimated at about $14.5 billion (as of 2011). His company, Soros Fund Management, controls at least another $27.9 billion in investor assets. Soros’s foundation network– whose flagship is the Open Society Institute (OSI)– has reportedly dispensed billions to a multitude of far left organizations.

The “Shariah Defense Lobby,” which aggressively defends Shariah from its critics, has produced a year-long campaign of remarkably identical agitprop papers, all with a single goal: to attack the millions of Americans who are concerned about political Islamists’ growing power here in the U.S. and abroad. In these increasingly shrill reports, the “Shariah Defense Lobby” keeps attempting to silence the great majority of Americans who express legitimate concerns about home-grown Islamist terrorism, and about Islamist efforts to enforce Shariah law on American Muslim families and even on non-Muslim Americans.

The Center for American Progress– authors of “Fear, Inc.”– are trying to make Americans afraid of discussing one of the greatest national security threats we face. Thankfully, the American people aren’t buying what they’re selling: the campaign is having the opposite effect of what the Lobby intends.

For more and to follow links in this press release visit the Center for Security Policy here.

No fear!

Meet Frank Gaffney and hear from him in person about Shariah Law at the Maryland Conservative Action Network Conference in Annapolis on October 29th.  Early registration runs through September 30th!



  1. I have been aware of the Center for American Progress for some time now. The fact that they support Shariah law in no way surprises me. I was, however, a little surprised to hear that Hillary Clinton was a honcho there. I would have thought she would have hidden in the shadows more.

    As far as Soros goes, I think that if he and his billions would dry up, so would the majority of the socialists, essentially, in his employ: Center for American Progress, Media Matters, the million he gave to the Huffington Post for their new “journalism” department, and the list goes on and on.

    I would like to discuss a different issue with The Potomac TEA Party though: When I open the e-mails from you, on the right side of the screen is a banner ad that reads:




    • Greg, I started to post and answer this last night just as our power went out! Whats up with that, we weren’t supposed to get more than a little wind and rain—it was more than a little!

      I don’t know what the deal is with the ad. Did it come with your subscription (when the article is automatically sent to you?)…. there are these things like cookies (probably using the wrong terminology) that you can pick up and certain ads just appear everywhere. But, I’m not much of a techy so not sure how it works.

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