Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 25, 2011

Democracy Partners: Opposition research is one of our special “services”

This is another post for the purpose of helping Tea Party activists here in Maryland better understand the enemy.

Once again, Joseph Sandler, former DNC general counsel and head honcho lawyer for CASA de Maryland in its lawsuit against the State Board of Elections to throw out the referendum on instate tuition for illegal aliens, comes to my attention.

I saw this post at the Arizona Tea Party website yesterday where a commenter there tells us of Sandler’s role in all that funny business about certifying Obama’s candidacy in 2008.  Seems our buddy, Joey the silencer, was behind the scenes there too.

The post is about Obama’s backdoor amnesty, but it’s commenter Steven Sanders I want you to see.  In 2008 there were rumblings on the news that something was screwy with the Obama certification from the Hawaii Democrat Party.  Here is Sanders charging that Sandler was deep into that funny business.

In 2008 the HDP signed their certification – with the Constitutional eligibility language removed – at the National Convention, on the day BEFORE Pelosi and Germond signed the DNC certificate. They then apparently gave their HDP certificate to DNC Attorney Joseph Sandler, who then had a special certificate created and signed by Pelosi and Germond just for Hawaii (since the HDP refused to certify eligibility) and then sent both certifications, with his own letter of transmittal, to the Hawaii Elections Office (Correction: sent or gave his certification and transmittal letter to the HDP who relayed it to the Elections Office).

So instead of acting independently a month after the National Convention (NOTE: they didn’t have a month to get the certs in because of the late convention) and confirming Constitutional eligibility as in the past, the HDP acted before the Convention to take out the eligibility language from their standard certificate, signed it, and gave it to Joe Sandler before Pelosi had signed anything – signaling to the DNC that they were not going to certify eligibility. They coordinated their efforts with Joe Sandler, who sent both documents together to the HI Elections Office (again, the HDP forwarded everything together to the Elections Office). Apparently Sandler, Pelosi, and Germond all knew that Hawaii’s special certification was necessary because the HDP refused to certify Obama’s eligibility.

Of course what Sanders raises here is an on-going controversy surrounding the Obama birth certificate issue which Joseph Sandler was deep into in the run-up to the primary where he managed to shut down the case being pursued by Hillary Clinton supporter Philip Berg.  Here is one of many accounts from Sandler’s ‘friends’ at Jihad Watch.

Sandler’s Democracy Partners

All of this reminded me to have another look at Joseph Sandler’s new projectDemocracy Partners—where Sandler is General Counsel.    Democracy Partners is a veritable who’s who of America’s leading progressives (aka socialists).  You don’t need to go further down the list of “partners” than the first on the list—Heather Booth—to know what sort of outfit this is.   Please visit Discover the Networks’ file on Heather Booth here.  Many consider her one of the country’s leading socialist strategists and a key player in bringing  Barack Obama to power. (See Stanley Kurtz and Obama’s radical friends, here.)

A cruise around Democracy Partner’s website led me to one of their primary projects—-opposition research which they refer to as a “service.”  And, ironically it occurred to me that if Barack Obama had been a Republican candidate (or, LOL! if Sandler had preferred Hillary which he obviously did not), he would never have made it out of the Iowa caucus.  These vultures would have every piece of dirt on him (his college records, who paid for his college and law school educations, who paid for his trip to Pakistan during college, marriage and divorce records for his parents, and of course the circumstances of his birth).

Where was/is the Republican opposition research?

It would appear that the RNC leaves its opposition research up to amateurs around the country who have been easily discredited by the likes of Sandler who probably started the whole “birther” slur in the first place!

As we head into this next election, who is doing the Republican opposition research?  Afterall, it is not too late to tell us who Barack Obama is!  You can bet Sandler and his comrades are working day and night on Perry, Bachmann et al.

As a matter of fact, Sandler was probably behind the fishing expedition into Sarah Palin’s e-mails and I chuckle to think that if Palin ran, the opposition research team of Booth and Sandler couldn’t find much more since they have turned over every pebble in Palin’s life already.

So, remember those names!  Heather Booth and Joseph Sandler.  Keep an eye on Democracy Partners, and when you see some dirt being dished on Republican candidates just consider the source!

P.S.  If anyone has any other facts about Sandler send them my way so I can continue to build my Sandler file, here.


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