Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 23, 2011

Frederick County Commissioner predicts “uprising” against O’Malley’s Plan Maryland

Last week at a meeting of the Maryland Association of Counties, Governor Martin O’Malley had a testy exchange with commissioners and county leaders from around the state on the substance and the timing of O’Malley’s so-called Plan Maryland.

Frederick County Commissioner Billy Shreve got the attention of the Baltimore Sun with his prediction of an uprising from rural communities.

From the Baltimore Sun last Friday:

OCEAN CITY —— Gov. Martin O’Malley’s broad strategy to revamp land development rules across Maryland met harsh criticism Friday, as local officials worried that the governor’s proposal would interfere with their ability to plan and pay for schools, roads and housing.

In a discussion with local leaders at a Maryland Association of Counties conference, the Democratic governor sought to sell his new program, which has been in the works for three years. He said it would protect farms and woodlands, and would designate targeted growth areas — saving the state billions by concentrating development in areas already served by roads, sewers and other infrastructure. Localities that don’t comply could lose crucial school construction, road and wastewater funding.

“This is not a straitjacket,” O’Malley told reporters. “This is not a law that prohibits counties from making stupid decisions. But we’re not going to subsidize it anymore.”

But some local officials criticized the proposal in what was at times a testy exchange with the governor. They complained that the plan to link local aid to compliance with statewide goals would take authority away from localities, which typically control what can be built and what should be protected within their bounds.

Frederick County Commissioner Billy Shreve, a Republican, said in an interview that he could foresee an “uprising” of rural communities to fight against it.

“He’s basically saying, ‘The county doesn’t know how to run their business, and the state’s going to show you how to do it,'” Shreve said.

Read the whole article here.  Then learn more about Agenda 21, here (it is all connected and O’Malley is just doing what he is told).    The Hard Left is always trying to control (through government regulation) what they consider local yokels and local yokel ideas about land use, but it now goes higher than the federal government and all the way to the United Nations.

Learn more about Agenda 21 and Plan Maryland at the Maryland Conservative Action Network conference (turning the tides) scheduled for October 29th in Annapolis. 

Hear Carroll County Commissioner Richard Rothschild (one of the authors of that American Thinker piece I just linked above on Agenda 21) tell Tea Partiers and conservatives generally what you can do to protect one of the most fundamental (some say most fundamental) rights enumerated by our founding fathers—-the right to private property.

Sign up soon!  The reduced registration fee is in effect until September 30th!



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  2. O’Malley tells us we must change where and how we live in order to conserve resources, reduce traffic congestion, increase housing affordability, conserve wild spaces and save The Bay. At the same time, however, he encourages immigrants – legal and illegal – from all over the world to come to Maryland, where they consumer resources, increase traffic congestion, increase housing costs, build on wild spaces and pollute The Bay.

    Encouraging illegal aliens to settle in Maryland is not just about adding future Democrat voters.

    It’s about increasing the number of poor people that are clients for various social service programs.

    It’s about increasing the number of children in the schools, to create more jobs for more public school employees.

    It’s about creating problems for all of us — more crime, congested roads, more pollution — so that government can step in and “fix” them for us.

    Approximately half of Maryland’s population increase consists of foreign-born residents and their US-born children(1). If we enforced the laws against illegal immigration and had sensible limits on legal immigration, we wouldn’t need the UN shoving “smart growth” down our throats.


    • Thanks Paul, good stuff….will post separately….

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