Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 22, 2011

The Tea Party loves FDR

I bet that title caught your attention!

And, that is what K. Carl Smith has in mind with his stark t-shirt with the large letters FDR—it’s a conversation starter!  And, what Smith wants to talk about is the Frederick Douglas Republicans (FDR).

Check out this interview of Smith by Ginni Thomas (here at the Daily Caller) Hat tip: Cathy.  Smith wants blacks to understand that they can break from the Democrat Party and “trump the race card.”   He reports that the conservative message resonates with black Americans, but he says that Conservatives are outmaneuvered by Leftists who quickly swoop in and call blacks such things as “uncle Toms” and they then quickly run for cover.

Smith’s website is here.



  1. Caught my attention? Are you kidding me? I was about to abandon the TEA Party. Thank God for Mr. K. Carl Smith, and others like him who clearly understand the issue of the race baiting thats going on in this country.
    As Mr. Smith pointed out in the interview with Ginni Thomas: The truth will float to the top; if people like Mr. Smith will stand and spread the message.
    I have read Frederick Douglass’ memoir. In my opinion, the african american community would be much better served by using Frederick Douglass as a role model instead of Jackson, Sharpton, Waters, etc.
    Now, its off to Smith’s website.

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