Posted by: Ann Corcoran | August 21, 2011

Bad news this week for Maryland’s taxpaying citizens on the immigration issue

As Maryland continues its starring role as a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, news is coming in right and left that doesn’t look good.

First, the Nation learned on Thursday of Obama’s amnesty by fiat, here.

Then we learned this week that Virginia’s illegal aliens are leaving and heading to Maryland as that state makes it tougher to be illegal and due, some think, to higher home prices in Virginia.   From the Washington Examiner:

Laws in Virginia targeting illegal immigrants and higher home prices could have contributed to the swell in Maryland’s Hispanic population over the last 10 years, some experts say. Hispanics are Maryland’s fastest-growing population and many have settled in suburban Maryland as well as Frederick and Baltimore counties.

On Friday the Maryland Reporter published a story about widespread fraud in the state health department relating to the issuance of birth certificates which we all know can lead to immigration fraud!

The state health department has continued to fail to control issuance of birth certificates, leading to potential fraud, auditors found — a ongoing problem they had identified a dozen years ago.

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has been unable to verify that birth and death certificates contain valid information, that certificates were only issued to the right people, and that payments for certificates were correctly collected, according to a report issued by the Office of Legislative Audits Thursday.

The attorney general is investigating an employee in one local health department’s office for potential fraud, the report states.

Legislative Auditor Bruce Myers said that serious problems with vital records have been found – and not corrected – in departmental audits since 1999.

“These documents can be used for other things,” Myers said. “This is not just about the money involved. There is potential for immigration fraud.”

Judge says taxpayers do not have standing to sue!

Arguably the greatest insult to Maryland taxpaying citizens was the decision this week by a judge with a long background of political activism on behalf of Hispanics in the state to throw out the case against Montgomery County College which gives in-state (in-county) tuition rates to illegal alien students.

The Montgomery County case is believed to have generated the interest in the Legislature to pass SB167, the bill that has now been put on hold due to the success of the petition drive to put it on the ballot for 2012.   Of course, readers know that the Democrat party has sent in the big gun lawyers (like Joe, the silencer, Sandler) to stop citizens from voting on the measure.

From the Maryland Reporter:

A Montgomery County Circuit Court judge has thrown out a lawsuit against Montgomery College that tried to stop its policy of granting in-state tuition to county residents who do not have legal immigration status.

Judge Marielsa Bernard, the only judge of Hispanic ancestry among the county’s 20 judges and one of only two in Maryland, dismissed a lawsuit on Tuesday that was filed by three county taxpayers in January. They were trying to block the college’s policy of granting local tuition rates to anyone who attended local schools and lived in the county, regardless of citizenship.

The judge’s ruling did not deal with the fundamental legality of the college’s action. She dismissed the suit because she said the three Montgomery County taxpayers did not have the right to sue the college’s Board of Trustees under federal or state law.

Read it all.

You can learn more about Judge Marielsa Bernard Reinstein in her biographies here (at the Maryland Hispanic Bar Association) and here.

Another report on the case dismissal here at the Washington Post tells us that Montgomery College was unique in the state in granting the cheaper tuition rates to all students regardless of immigration status.  I continue to maintain that that is not true—community and state colleges in Maryland DO NOT ASK FOR IMMIGRATION STATUS WHEN ENROLLING STUDENTS AT THE CHEAPER RATE!

Writer Daniel de Vise:

It is an unusual policy. I am not aware of another college in Maryland or Virginia that allows illegal immigrants to pay resident tuition. Some Virginia public universities do not even allow illegal immigrants to enroll. The two states are pursuing opposite paths, with Virginia lawmakers perennially seeking to bar illegal immigrants from colleges and Maryland lawmakers seeking resident tuition benefits for the same group.

Would someone please survey the colleges in Maryland and ask each state-funded school what their policy is to weed out illegal alien students in determining what tuition rate they pay!

You see what I mean—bad week all around!



  1. This whole court system-legal thing needs to be addressed in some way, somehow. I do not know whether Marielsa Reinstein was elected, or appointed. Some judges are elected by the people, some appointed, I am not sure how all that works.
    This is what I do know. This last election (2010) there was a judgeship or two up for election. Judges, as you probably know, are considered non-partisan, which means that when they are on the ballot, we the people have no way of knowing whether they are republican, democrat, independant, whatever. They are supposed to be about the law and above all that partisan crap right? I googled the candidates running for judge in an attempt to learn of their party affiliations and was unable to learn a thing.
    I suppose the only thing we can do is look at the decisions that they make and go from there. Unfortunatly, we can’t see their decisions until after they are already making them. This needs to be fixed.

    • Greg, I am not sure but I saw somewhere that someone said this Hispanic judge was appointed by Gov. O’Malley (which speaks for itself!).

  2. You “saw somewhere” that “someone said” she was appointed by O’Malley? Where and who? That information would be wrong, FYI.

    Google is your friend. Bernard was appointed to the Circuit Court by Parris Glendening in 2002. Glendening also appointed her to the District Court in 1998.

    • Thanks Bib for that piece of information. I guess it doesn’t change much anyway…..same crowd.

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